For a standard installation you will need the following:

  • SMP with appropriate tirgger board and nozzle length
  • Gearbox from the gun you are installing in
  • Small philips head screwdriver
  • Star/philips/hex driver for gearbox disassembly

Step 1

Open the gearbox.

Step 2

Remove the gears, cylinder set, spring, spring guide, antireversal latch, tapet plate, air nozzle, and trigger switch. On a version 2 gearbox also remove the cutoff lever. Bushings/bearings may be removed as well if desired. Wipe up excess grease.

Step 3

Place SMP Cylinder in place of the cylinder set. Install trigger board in place of trigger electronics.

NOTE 1: For V3 gearboxes it may be necessary to shim the trigger board slightly to ensure that the cutoff lever travels freely. A small strip of electrical tape works well for this.

Step 4

Reassemble gearbox with wires routed to front or rear as desired. Assemble back into gun body normally, with airline passing through the grip.


  • If you would like to rout the air line to the rear, it is necessary to drill or cut a hole in the rear of the gearbox to accommodate it.
  • It is a good idea to check that everything is functioning properly before installing into the gun body.

Video Installation Guides