Aftermarket Hop-Up Installation (Video)

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Rich discusses hop-up compatibility and demonstrates how to install an aftermarket hop-up for the MTW-Spec platform.

Video transcript: today on what the tech we’re going to be talking hop ups we’re going to show you how to install aftermarket hop up with your MTW so let’s jump right in and take a look at this today we’re going to take a look at how to install an aftermarket hop up in your MTW talk a little bit about compatibility first this is a pro win pro wins work just fine we’ve tested modify element krytac a few other sort of common rotary brands dial types are not going to work the only one that we know is problematic at this point is the max hop up we have made it to work but it is it does require some some effort to do that we’re not going to cover that in this video this will just be standard rotary style hop ups that drop in drop in relatively easily so first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna separate upper and lower receiver here this is a it does have the race to co2 stock on it by the way so you’re gonna notice we’ll disassemble it a little bit differently then if you just had a standard standard HP a-line or an external air set those side so disassembly pop the two clips in this case we don’t have to run the airline through because the airline is connected to the hardpoint adapter so we’re gonna disconnect the airline from the connector from the back of the unit big our cylinder out this is the same whether it’s a Reaper or an inferno here I’m gonna slide the stock hop-up out and if you were just doing something with the hop-up this is what you would do you just take it to this point you could disassemble the hop-up I’d do whatever you need to there since we are at going to replace the hop-up completely we’re going to pop the feed tube out as well and you can just rotate back and remove the feed tube now we’re going to need a three millimeter allen key for the two set screws on the top of the rail give them about a half each and your rail will slide right off now you’re going to need an adjustable wrench or one and a half inch wrench to remove the barrel nut barrel alright so all we’re gonna do is pull the spring off here put the spring on our Pro wind hop-up now to install the hop-up what we’re going to do is go at an angle and then there is a gap cut in the receiver here that your dial will drop through now you can slide the outer barrel over the inner barrel align your index you pin your indexing slot we reinstall your barrel nut tighten it down reinstall our rail tighten it down with our three millimeter allen key and reassemble and there we are