Ambi Selector Installation (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to install an ambi selector switch on the MTW-Spec platform.

Video transcript: today and what the tech we’re going to take a look at how you installed the ambi selector switch in your MTW so ambidextrous selector switch is itself pretty easy to install you will need to have already removed your electronics if you do not know how to do this please go watch the video on electronics that we have posted and use that as a guide for removing your control board before you attempt to replace the selector switch well it is possible to replace the selector switch without doing this we do not recommend it as you can very easily damage the switch here your selector switch the barrel can get caught on it as you’re trying to remove it or install it and and break that switch there so we always recommend removing your electronics before you attempt to change the selector switch now you will need whatever tools you’re going to use for that again we go for that in that video for the selector switch you really only need two tools you need a 3/16 allen wrench with a fairly long drive because we’re going to get the grip screw with that and then you will need a 2 millimeter allen wrench for the selector switch itself to remove we’re going to start by removing the grip when we remove the grips we’re going to have our detent spring our grip screw and our grip and then you’ll have the detent it comes out as well final thing will be our standard selector switch here so let’s go ahead and grab an ambidextrous selector switch and show you how to install that the ambidextrous selector switch is going to come with a few pieces in the bag you will get two screws they are identical you will get two paddles there are different lengths the you have the longer paddle which is our standard paddle which we generally put on the left side of the gun and you have the short paddle which we generally put on the right side of the gun but these are reversible you can pick which side you want them on either way is fine and then you will also get your ambidextrous selector barrels you will see it has the notch to take the paddle on both sides the side with the detents on it is going to end up on the right side of the gun so before we assemble this figure out which side we want the paddle on and use that as your reference so we’re going to put the long paddle on the left side like we normally do here you can see there is a cutout in the molded part here that matches the cutout on the barrel and these can be a little bit snug but if you sort of catch the the flat edge together and then kind of snap them straight together they generally go without too much trouble then we’re going to take our two millimeter allen key and we’re going to tighten this down if you want a little bit of blue loctite would not go amiss here but don’t use anything permanent because you likely at some point won’t want to disassemble this again so a little blue loctite wouldn’t be a bad idea but it’s generally not really necessary now second paddle we’re not going to install until we have it all back together so with the one paddle installed detents again go towards the right side of the gun so we’re gonna go ahead and slide it in now if we flip it upside down we can drop our detent pointed end first into the hole right here okay I’ll lay it on our side and let it tip back too much to the detent doesn’t fall out then we’re gonna get our grip here so the detent spring goes in the hole in the grip and then our allen key there are two holes in this grip because you have the ones with the airline but our allen key goes in the small quarter inch hole at the front of the grip and then we’re just gonna put it all together kind of sideways that prevents the detent or the spring from falling out and just sort of feel around until you thread feel the thread start there you go check before you tighten it all the way down that your spring is actually engaging on the detent you can sometimes get the spring kind of folded over and you don’t want to crush the spring so make sure it’s actually engaging on the detent before you finish tightening it down alright you can check that work working properly now for the second paddle or somebody going to do the same thing as we did on the opposite side line up the square edge pop it on take our two millimeter allen key and our other screw tighten it down there you go now you can proceed with reinstalling your electronics and your trigger and you’ll be ready to go so that’s how you install your ambidextrous selector switch on your MTW