Basic Setup / Getting Started for MTW (Video)

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In this video, Rich demonstrates the basics of setting up your MTW, installing a battery, connecting an HPA tank and regulator. You can also check out Quick Start Guide.

Video transcript: hey guys if you just got your MTW included in the packet where’s a little sheet called your QuickStart guide this is going to be a video version of the same instructions showing you all the basic settings how to get stuff set up so that you can get going let’s jump right in with what the tech so inside your box with your MTW one of the things you got was this handy little QuickStart guide what we’re gonna be doing today is going through this and showing you what all this is so first things you’re gonna need gonna need your MTW today we have a nice canary yellow variant with the seven inch barrel so it fits nicely on the screen you will need a battery we recommend a 7.4 volt minute II lipo just about anything in the 250 to 500 milliamp hour size won’t work well depending on what shape they are you could use a larger battery basically it needs to be able to something that will fit easily inside the buffer tube and needs to have a jst connector there you will need an HPA tank we have an old beat-up one here it’s seen many many battles and you will need a regulator we recommend the storm on tank regulator which is we have a prototype version up here this is one of the first prototypes that we’ve been using around the shop ever since and then you will need an airline here we have one of our custom braided airlines our flex lines with the regulator if you’re not using a storm you will need some other airsoft regulator that is in the sixty to 140 PSI range I do note for those of you in Europe we do use foster spec fittings so that’s what you’re gonna need you can need an airline with a foster spec fitting on the end all again all of our flex lines come with foster fitting so this is really easy it comes out of the box put together ready to go so all we’re going to do is push the back body pin through I do note that on new guns these pins and detents are sometimes pretty stiff they tend to break in with use but you might find it helpful to use a something that isn’t gonna Mar the surface like here’s a sharpie maybe the back end of a screwdriver that has a soft handle something like that to push it through and pop it out and then the gun is going to be able to separate like so we’re going to take our battery pull the air line out of the buffer tube now there’s a number of ways you can stash the battery you’re welcome to experiment to see what works best with your particular battery but what we find works best is if you plug in the battery feed the balance port in first and then follow up with everything else okay note that the wiring here we actually have it on the wrong side so I’m going to fix this show you what we mean by the left and right side of the air line generally it works best if you put the wiring on the left side of the air line if you’re facing towards the front of the gun it can go either way but it fits better if it’s right like that okay and it’ll just sit down inside there and then when you close the upper the wiring is going to go underneath the back pin lug there just like so press the pin back in you’re ready to go make sure you’re pointing in a safe direction as always always treat your gun as if it’s loaded you can check let me find that we have half power next we’re going to need our tank we have set our tank to 100 psi on our storm regulator here I recommend starting at 100 psi I depending on the the model you have this will probably and the bb’s you’re using and a few other variables this will probably put you in the 1.3 to 1.5 dual range for most applications now to plug in the air what we’re going to do is pull down on the collar press the fittings together and then release the collar there you go again we’re set at 100 psi you can adjust from there anywhere in the sixty two hundred and forty psi range to meet your local laws as well as the rules at the field that you’re playing at we will note that the as you see on the back here all 14.5 inch mt w’s are shipped with a flow reducer installed in the air line this keeps the energy just a little under 2 joules which is we’ve done for a couple of reasons one there’s quite a few countries that have a to do limit so we want to keep the the out of the box energy too within those laws and also we just this is a gun that you can take out of the box and start shooting right away we don’t want somebody that is not experienced with these types of systems to accidentally hurt somebody not being aware of the energy levels that they’re shooting at so if you’ve changed the airline to one of something like one of our custom flex lines here for the or sorry our custom F GLS filters grip lines which keep dirt and debris out of your system highly highly recommend these we’ll have a separate video on how to install them but they do not have the flow reducer installed so if you install one of them be aware that your energy output for the 14.5 inch model is going to change the 10 inch model does not have a flow reducer installed the energy limits without it are within safe levels so right now we’re going to test fire I’m going to test fire once off-screen into something soft to make sure that if there’s a BB in the chamber we don’t shoot something okay we’re clear there we go and you’re ready to play at this point put a mag in and you’re all set so that is your Quick Start Guide let me point out a couple things on here as well please go download and read the full user’s manual there’s a lot of information in there about how to tune the gun for best efficiency safety warnings and other things that you really need to know especially if you are new to HPA please read this info before you use the gun it is well worth your time second your gun comes with a limited lifetime warranty we are extremely proud to be able to offer this please read the terms of the warranty be aware that you do need to sign up for it there’s a link on your QuickStart guide where you can go register so be sure to do that get your gun registered so that you can take advantage of that warranty if you need to in the future you will need a few things you will need to register you won’t need your proof of purchase you will also need your serial number which is going to will be loaded located right in this area on the print on your production MTW so make sure you have those pieces of information when you go to register for warranty so that’s it for today guys thanks for watching this has been your QuickStart guide for the MTW