BOLT M Installation: Silverback SRS

Rich demonstrates how to install the BOLT M in the Silverback SRS.

Video trasncript: what’s up guys this is Richie today on what’s the tech we’re gonna take a look at how to do the installation on the bolt m4 SRS let’s get started before we get started we’re gonna need to gather a couple tools so first of all we want to take get some gun staff or other silicon-based lubricant then we’re gonna want to get a drill with a three sixteenths inch drill bit approximately can be a little different size it’s not super critical we just need clearance for the air line and then next we’re gonna need either a dremel or a saw or something that you can cut a slot I here with Dremel is the easiest thing but you can use various things in a pinch so let’s go ahead and jump in and see what we have to do so as you can see we’ve already disassembled everything here we’re not going to go over how to disassemble the SRS in this video if there are plenty of videos showing how to do that in addition you’ll notice that the modifications have already been done so we’re just going to be talking about what those modifications were it’s pretty straightforward but as you can see we have the three butt pad plates here this is the first plate second plate and then the butt pad okay don’t have to do anything with that but these two here we have small small modifications – let’s start with the first plate first plate has the larger hole cut out in it and what we need to do is we need to cut a slot that’s approximately 3/16 wide and about one inch long from straight down from the center as you can see here what this is going to do is it’s going to make clearance for our airline to sit right like that the exact dimensions are not super critical but you want about no less than four millimeters wide again for you people working in millimeters or about 3/16 for those of you working inches and you want it about one inch to a little over one inch or 25 millimeters from the bottom edge of the hole down to the bottom of the slide easiest way to do that is with a dremel but you could also use a hacksaw or something like that if you need to to clear that material it’s just plastic so it’s easy to cut the next thing we’re going to need to do is the second plate we need to drill a hole approximately 3/16 of an inch right and what we’re going to use as a guide is the two braces on the back here we’re going to go right in the corner of the brace there again size is not super critical all we’re doing that is it allows us to disassemble the unit more easily once it’s installed so those are your modifications there and then the last thing that you’re going to need to do it’s going to be to take that same drill we’re going to need to drill a hole for our airline now that is going to go right in this location here you can simply drill straight through the wall all the way through now you could also if you wanted to cut a track sort of on the side of the wall here but I find it’s easier to simply drill a hole straight through and that’s it as far as modification so it’s pretty straight forward now let’s talk about the engine itself those of you that have seen our bolt m4 VSR this will look very familiar it shares a lot of hearts Center shaft is from the VSR bar ten engine as is the cylinder and the cylinder head actually is the same as the Ziller cylinder head that we use on the Stryker so a lot of common parts there now I what will look a little different is this front piston shaped piece here with an o-ring around the backside of it and then the airline adapter here is obviously a different geometry for this gun other than that all pretty familiar in order to do the installation we need everything completely torn down the all the spring and piston removed from the existing cylinder and we’re just going to need the existing cylinder here with the cylinder handle attached now with this gun instead of making a complete replacement cylinder head what we’ve opted to do is to make an insert that actually will fit inside the cylinder and just press up inside the cylinder there and sit flush against the cylinder head before we install it we’re going to want to get some of that lubricant and we’re gonna want to lubricate the large ring around the outside a little bit so make installation easier easier and then we’re gonna want to lubricate the shaft on the back portion here now we’re going to take this and put the shaft inside the opening on the front of the bolt and now we’re going to use the engine we’re going to seat that piston all the way flush up against the front of the cylinder and there you go it’s installed easy enough now we’re just gonna put everything in the gun first we’re going to reinstall the cylinder now we’re going to take the engine simply slide straight in airline it’s going to get rounded down through that hole that we just drilled it can be trimmed to any length that you want it now in order to install the plate where we’re going to do is we’re going to actually pull the the center shaft of the engine back a little bit so the airline alright so that the chef’s comes through the center and then we can install the plate and then push the airline into place next plate just snaps on and then your butt pad and you’re done now to remove the unit from the gun what we’re going to do is we’re going to first remove the butt pad that’s this normal now you remember that hole that we drill in the in the second plate that is going to let us push forward on the engine a bit push it out of the way so that we can then remove the plate you’re probably going to have to pull the trigger push forward and there you go now we can use the bolt again to push the engine back which will allow us to remove the last plate one more time reassembly plate slides over the air line is installed and then the last two plates just install normally so that’s it for the installation of the OEM SRS silverback I hope this has been helpful if you have any questions comments section below do our best to get back to you thanks for watching guys

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