Contact Yoke Disassembly / Reassembly (Video)

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Cody demonstrates how to remove and reinstall the MTW contact yoke.

Video transcript: what’s going on guys today we’re going to talk about the mtw contact yo i get so many questions all the time asking me what is the contact yo the contact yoke is the piece that’s going to make electrical connection from your control board to your silhouette engine all right so we’re going to take a look at the contact yoke inside the upper receiver here you can see it’s housed in the rear of the upper receiver it has an indention in the upper receiver exactly where it fits so i’m going to kind of show you how i like to disassemble and assemble the contact you know mtw okay so i like to take a tool and i just kind of stick it in there and pop the contact you out move my airline out of the way while i’m here i’m going to go ahead and just reach inside with my tool here grab the wire and then pop the connector from the solenoid here i can just remove the contact you from the receiver and once i remove it i can go ahead and proceed with removing my engine from the mtw now the way i like to reinstall the contact is i like to go ahead and put my engine in pull my air line through and then once i pull my airline through i can take my contact yoke and i can run my wiring back into my receiver from the bottom of the receiver and out the back okay then i like to take and push my engine back just enough where i can get access to the solenoid connection here and then i can work my connector back into the solenoid okay once that i can just go ahead and push the engine back forward i can put my retention clip in to lock the engine in place now the only thing i really want to do is make sure that my airline fitting here is in the center of the mdw that way when you go to clip it in just push the airline over to the center of the contact yo line it up and it press fits right back into the receiver now again if the fitting isn’t in the center the contact won’t press securely down into the receiver and you’ll have to move it over just a little bit