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When looking for electronics to power one of our airsoft engines in an AEG to HPA conversion, there are two main components: The trigger board and the FCU (Fire Control Unit). We offer two options: The Spartan Electronics board is a trigger board and FCU all-in-one design. While limited to only V2 gear boxes, the design enables the Spartan to take up less space and makes the system more cost effective and easier to set up. Our Gen 2 Premium FCU is a standalone FCU that connects to a separate trigger board. The Premium FCU allows for more options in fitment, tuning, and fire modes. Check out the information below to see which is right for your needs.

The Spartan Electronics board is a trigger board and FCU all-in-one. The key advantage of the Spartan Electronics board is it’s simple and robust design and lower price point. Settings are primarily manipulated with use of the trigger.

3 Available Fire Mode Presets
• Semi / Full Auto
• Semi / 3-Round Burst
• Semi / Semi
*Additional modes available in MTW version.

8 Quick / Easy ROF Presets
Select a preset from 10RPS to 33RPS by holding down the trigger as it fires three-round bursts until desired ROF is reached.

12 Quick/Easy Dwell Presets
Set dwell by holding down trigger as it fires once per second until drop in FPS is noticed, then double-tap to step back up one preset.

Available in the following options:
 INFERNO V2 Spartan Kit
• REAPER V2 Spartan Kit
• Individual
• MTW Version

The Gen 2 Premium FCU is a standalone FCU and requires a separate trigger board. The key advantage of the Premium FCU is a greater variety of available fire modes, more precise setting values for dwell and rate of fire, and an intuitive LED menu with tool-less button style programming.

Set any of 7 fire modes to for each selector position
• Full-auto
• 7-Round Burst
• 5-Round Burst
• 3-Round Burst
• 2-Round Burst
• Single Round
• DMR Mode (Semi-auto with 2 second
delay between shots)

Precise ROF Setting
Set rate of fire to any integer value from 1 to 63 RPS.

Precise Dwell Setting
Set dwell precisely from 3 to 20 milliseconds in increments of 0.25 milliseconds.

Additional Features
• Short detection
• Improved stiction and trigger-reading algorithms

Available in the following options:
 INFERNO Premium Kit
• HYDRA Premium Kit
• REAPER Premium Kit
• Individual
• MTW Upgrade Kit

For more detailed information, see the Owner’s Manuals!