Feed Tube Disassembly / Reassembly (Video) (For MTWs manufactured before Oct 2021)

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Cody demonstrates how to remove and install the standard MTW feed tube.

Note: This video is only for the standard feed tube assembly included on the MTW Billet Series before October 1, 2021.

Video transcript: what’s going on guys so we’ve been getting a lot of you are saying that you’re breaking the feed tubes that you’re having trouble getting them to install correctly so i just want to kind of walk you through the correct way to install the feed tube without actually breaking it it doesn’t take much to break one of these if you get it in there and you push it at an angle at all you’re going to snap one of the arms of it you want to make sure that you’re pushing with you know directly into the receiver and not at an angle whatsoever so just to show you what i’m going to do is i’m going to start out and i’m going to put the arms into the upper receiver first and like i said if i push at an angle whatsoever i’m going to break the arm any kind of angle whatsoever is going to break the arm so the correct way to install it would be to make sure you get your arms into the receiver first kind of slightly depressing on them and then you’re just going to press straight back not pressing at any angle whatsoever and it should snap right in so one of the things that we have noticed is with some of the newer produced feed tubes and if you have an older style receiver they are a bit more tight to get in and one of the ways that i have found that works a little bit easier is to hold the receiver with a barrel pointing up right basically what i do is just come in it’s still the same thing i get start with my arms and i’m depressing a little bit into the receiver and then just push up straight up and it should pop right into place