Front Sight Post Installation (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to add a gas block or front sight posts to the MTW by modifying the outer barrel.

Video transcript: we had some questions about how to attach a gas block or front sight post on MTW barrel because it doesn’t have the grooves milled in it like a traditional AR barrel now most of these gas blocks and a lot of the front sight posts will have a set screw in them and that’s quite sufficient most of the time but if you want to pin it if you’re doing something like here we have a traditional style post here and you want to pin it so you’re a hundred percent sure what you can do is actually use the front post guide as our front post as a guide to drill the barrel because this is this is aluminum so the barrel is aluminum so it’s pretty soft now we’re using a 1/8 inch drill and you’re gonna want to be careful and take your time on this and make sure that your drill is as straight up and down as possible so that you don’t miss shape the hole too much and so that you don’t break your drill bit so we’re just gonna do is just go ahead and start almost there there we go so look at this clean came right there on the other side now we’re gonna use a one-eighth inch roll pin this is actually the same pins that we use it’s a standard trigger-guard roll pin so it’s a 1/8 inch roll pin and we’re just gonna drive it right through there she is and that is how you pin a front sight post on an MTW barrel