G&P Mags Modification (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to modify a G&P Frog Mag for use with the MTW.

Video transcript: hey guys so we’ve gotten a couple questions about compatibility with the GMP frog mags with MTW these mags are wider across this dimension than most standard AG mags so you can make them work if you want to and we’re gonna show you how to do that basically what you’re gonna do is take your magazine and you’re gonna put it in preferably in a set of bytes but however you want to hold it with soft just I’m gonna put it in the vise and just gently hold it we’re gonna take a flat file and we’re gonna file down the backstrap area here just try to work either plate from front to back making sure you’re removing an even amount of material and I probably take a minute or two depending on how rough your file is make sure when you when you’ve gotten it down a bit and come back and sort of hit the corners you’ll form a little bit corners on the edges you want to smooth those off so I’m going to come at it quickly the from an angle and hit the corners smooth those off so after you’ve done it for a bit you can test fit it so this one’s still a little snug we could take a little bit more off if we wanted to but it goes in there and would work alright so but just to show you the final step once you’re happy with it come back with some sandpaper this is about 220 grit so sort of a medium grit nuts not superfine but good enough for what we’re doing and just sort of smooth it out if you’re 500 of these sort of what we’re up surface you can just come back with a sandpaper again make sure you smooth the corners over like so and there you go again it isn’t dropping freely but we could keep working on it a little more if we wanted to and and get it fit a little bit looser but for the purpose of this video that’s basically what you’re gonna do shows you how you can get them to work if you want to but again it’s this dimension right here that they’re wider than standard magazines so that’s that’s what you got to do to make it fit