INFERNO leaking from nozzle

There are 3 common reasons that make an INFERNO leak from the nozzle.

  1. The pressure is too low on the regulator. The INFERNO has a minimum operating pressure of 60 psi. So, make sure you are well above that.
  2. If the INFERNO has been disassembled, we see sometimes that the 1mm X 10.5mm O-ring will get installed in the wrong location. The 1mm X 10.5mm O-ring goes around the nozzle and on top of the black baffle. Sometimes we will see it get installed around the nozzle and under the black baffle. This will cause the INFERNO to leak out of the nozzle. Please see: Owner’s Manual
  3. Most commonly we see that there is some sort of dirt or debris stuck inside the solenoid causing it to remain open letting a continuous flow of air out of the nozzle. Typically, this just requires cleaning out the solenoid. Please see: Solenoid Maintenance Guide

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