Installation: Ares Striker (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to install the BOLT M in the Ares Striker.

Video transcript: in today’s video we’re going to take a look at how to install the vault m4 striker now the bolt m4 striker is compatible with the s01e02 and ASR three platforms today we have an ASR one that we’re going to take a look at start by taking a look at what comes in the package this is the bolt M engine you’re going to have cylinder head with an o-ring around the back shaft your center shaft and then your cylinder put these together you want the hole in the back there lined up with the notch in the cylinder it doesn’t matter which way it’s symmetrical putting in either way the first step is going to be to disassemble your striker this won’t be covered here there are many videos showing how to do this it’s quite straightforward you can use the included tools to remove the trigger guard and then remove the stock from the receiver and remove the bolt out of the back of the receiver and dispose of all the internals as you see fit what we have left is the cylinder with the attached handle stock and the receiver let’s go ahead and install the cylinder now there are three slots cut in cylinder if you look at how it is how the cylinder sits in the gun the top has no slot we want to line up the hole with the notch there on the left side of the gun okay so this is the top we want to line it up there see the slide here you can’t see the hole on the right side next we’re going to just install the cylinder head tighten it down the allen key there you go our cylinders ready to go in order to route the air line stock you see here we have the included airline adapter we’ve already trimmed the air line to length in this case just for simplicity in the video but in order to route the air line we’re going to need me to make a couple small modifications to the stock first we’re going to need to drill a 3/16 two quarter inch hole in this location right here it’s in the back wall right there airline it’s going to come out the side of the engine there then get routed back through that hole it’s going to sit right like that okay so we need to drill a hole in that back wall again three sixteenths two quarter inch or four to six millimeters should be sufficient next you’re going to need to drill the same sized hole in the bottom of the cap here so that when the airline comes out in this area it can come right out the bottom if you prefer it’s more work but you can route the airline bat further back in the stock and have it exit anywhere along here if you like we’re not going to show how to do that in this video but it is possible requires a disassembly of the stock to route the airline the next thing we’re going to need to do is to cut a relief where the airline will fit between the stock and the receiver now this is easy to accomplish this is just polymer it can be you can cut with the dremel or even something like a round rasp which we have here works very easily and you want to cut just enough of a leaf of relief that the airline can slide in between the receiver and the stock there without too much resistance so we don’t want to be pinching the airline in that area now let’s go ahead and assemble everything the cylinder simply slides in the back and we pull down the trigger now you can see the the hole that was talking about earlier lines up with the front of the two holes on the side our airline fitting simply going to go through make sure you line it up on this side press it all the way in make sure it’s sitting firmly in place it should be just below the surface on this side and that’s it now we just have to put it back in the stock so reinstalling the stock we’re going to route the airline through the hole we’ve drilled put the stock in place make sure your airline sits in the relief that you cut and now it’s simply a matter of reinstalling the the trigger guard and the bolts holding the gun together as you normally would airline can further get routed through the grip cap you can install your push-to-connect fitting simply firmly press it onto the line and we’re ready to go so this has been the installation video for the Aries striker bolt em if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below