Installation: JG Bar10 (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to install the BOLT M in the JG Bar10.

Video Transcript: Hey guys this is Rich with Wolverine airsoft and today we’re going to take a look at how to do the installation on the brand new bolt from Wolverine airsoft so let’s jump right into it on today’s what the tech. OK so we got our bolt here and this is a demo of kind of what the production packaging will look like this is the bolt with cylinder as you can see bolt plus cylinder threads in the long packaging the boat without cylinder will come in a shorter packaging I’m just going to go ahead and unbox this and kind of show you a couple things first thing to point out is there’s this little insert and we packaged a little differently on the other packaging on this insert this is important important is a QR code here and there will also be a URL to register your product for warranty to be eligible for until you need to go and to sign up your product at this address ok don’t miss that this is something new we’re starting with the bolt and we’ll be doing this moving forward with other products as well so as soon as you open it right there up on the website you can scan the QR code with your smartphone and go right there to register it it just takes a minute inside the packaging we have a bunch of packages have a couple screws to hold on our trigger switch of our battery have our bolt with cylinder and we have our wire harness and our airline fitting that’s what’s in the packaging if you ordered the bolt without cylinder it’s going to look like this just won’t include the the cylinder we offer so for the demonstration of the installation today we’re going to be installing on a jg bar 10 the G spec model but they’re all pretty much the same so we’re going to do that installation first and we’re going to do that without the cylinder and then after we do the installation after we go through the installation we’re going to talk about some of the different brands instead of some of the idiosyncrasies between the different brands the the differences things you you might need to account for depending on what brand you’re installing in so let’s go ahead and get the gun up here so we got our gun up here disassembly is just like you normally would with these we’re going to go through this quickly not show all the details there’s plenty of detailed instructions on how to do this it’s just a very common gun all right so we got this disassembled there are two basic things that we need to do we need to install the trigger and we need to install the system inside the cylinder we’re gonna do the trigger first what I’m gonna do is just disassemble the trigger box and we are going to remove all the Sears out of this system which is happy days because they’re what always likes to break we’re out so you’re going to completely remove all of the Sears from this system so there’s four small screws and then you’ll need to unscrew the screw that holds on the safety lever all of your Sears spring assembly all we’re going to have left is our trigger this trigger spring here and then our two adjustment screws they’re all the Sears can get disposed stuff s can the bolt stop next step is going to be to attach the trigger switch through the trigger box I’m just going to go ahead and pull all the screws out and such so they don’t get lost while we work on the trigger box you know if i reassemble this take a look at where the trigger is going to sit this is our wiring this is your trigger switch and that little orange button gets hit the battery is connected to the solenoid and the solenoid it’s going to sit right there you can see the tab on the side of the trigger the safety tab now will engage the trigger switch so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to get the 1/16 drill bit that is included with the kit I’m just gonna mark a spot kind of find where the trigger wants to go I’m gonna hold it in place once it’s about where I want and I’m just gonna kind of spin the drillbit in the top hole pressing down til I get a little mark this position is not super critical because keep in mind once we put that screw in we can rotate the position of the switch to get the right amount of engagement but just need it in basically the right location get as close as you can to where you want it and then you can adjust it with the rotation afterwards now we have our two little screws and I’m going to take this drill bit now and I’m going to drill the hole all right before I drill the hole if you have a center punch this is nice use for a center punch it’s not absolutely necessary but it helps keep the hole where you want it helps the drill bit not walk so just punch that we’re going to go ahead and pull this off just keep shavings out of the trigger mechanism and drill the hole we’re going to try to keep the shavings as much as we can out of the other parts so as you drill preferably this would be done in a separate location from your parts I should have mentioned that earlier I’m doing it on camera so you can see the process there’s a hole and we can clean up those shavings here it’s a good time to mention that the system does have a built in filter element inside the air fitting but as with any pneumatic system keep it clean keep dirt debris metal shavings all that kind of stuff out of your systems and it’ll be a lot happier so let’s go ahead and grab our trigger box or screw this is a t6 driver start bit screw a self-tapping so there’s no need to tap the hole or anything just thread the screw in not going to put it in real tight just yet because I’m going to go ahead and reassemble it with the other half when I reassemble it I’m going to take this short lead and I’m going to put it up through the opening where the spring guide stop was previously you can go ahead and put it together like that make sure nothing’s pinched now I’m just going to check you can see my triggers and quite engaging the switch so I’m just going to rotate the switch a little bit till I’m getting done getting engagement then I’m going to go ahead and tighten it down a little more we should be good we do include a second screw if you want to put the second screw in you can we never bother with it because we’ve found that it’s just there’s nothing putting any pressure on the switch body itself to move so as long as you snug the one screw down there’s just really not a need for the second screw but we do include it in case you would like to do that now all I’m going to do is go ahead and put the remainder of the screws back into the trigger box and the safety lever on and at this point I can check once the safety lever is back on I can check that the safety is actually stopping the trigger before it hits the trigger switch so if I have it on you can see I’m not engaging the switch safety off I’m able to hit the switch just going to go ahead and reinstall the rest of the screws so with all the screws reinstalled we are pretty much done the hardest part of the installation which was just the wiring as you can tell it was not that difficult one thing I did want to mention was depending on how you have the switch positioned exactly this screw here you may want to loosen this up rotate the switch out of the way and install the screw and then reset the position on that so let’s go ahead and set that aside muscat jump into the cylinder the cylinder we’re just going to disassemble as per usual again there are instructions online if you need help with that we use into small allen wrench all the internals of the cylinder can be set aside we won’t be using them now we’ll take the bolt and we’re going to slide it inside the cylinder the airline hole needs to line up with the slot and we like to bend over the shortly wire lead there so that it slides in easily just like so we can go ahead and install the cylinder head again use the allen wrench to Snug it down don’t over tighten than that the threads on most of these cylinders are not terribly strong don’t over tighten it just so I get down enough that it’s not going to not going to move around so there it is installed inside the cylinder so we have our cylinder done we have our wiring done really all that’s left is routing the air line so rounding the airline we got our receiver back out here really we just basically need to drill one main hole and that is a hole in the receiver here the way this works is the airline fitting will go through the receiver and thread into the bolt itself like so with that being held in place by the receiver when you cycle the bolt all that you’re doing is sliding the cylinder around the stationary unit itself so what we need to do is we need to drill a hole in the receiver to allow the air line fitting to go through now on standard jg and tokyo marui vsr-10 systems there’s a really easy marker and that’s this moulding mark here we’re just going to drill our hole right in the middle of that well post a link in the description here for if you’re doing other rifles where this molding mark is not there how to measure where exactly you should put the airline fitting so let’s go ahead and and drill that hole we’re going to need a quarter inch drill bit again I’m going to go ahead and center punch just to keep us on target then you can go ahead and drill again we’re doing this all on video but if you’re doing this please do it in a location away from your system so that none of the shavings get get into the bolt itself so we got our hole drilled again I was using quarter inch drill bit keep in mind this is a quarter that the shaft on this fitting is a quarter inch so if you use a quarter inch drill bit you may find that it’s a little tight still we could force it through but all I’m going to do is I’m going to over drill it a little bit just kind of work the drill around a little bit to open the hole and there we see it fits in there nicely now all right with the hole for our airline drilled we’re really ready to just go ahead and put everything together we’re going to take the cylinder again check that the whole 3d air line fitting is lined up with the slot make sure that the wiring the little wire lead is inside the cylinder we don’t want it getting caught when we install it I line up my threaded hole for the airline fitting with the hole I just drilled put my airline fitting through thread it into place wiggling the cylinder around a little bit helps sometimes to make sure that you aren’t catching the edge of the cylinder on the lip of the airline fitting all righty now we just have to do pull the electronics through I’m going to use a small screwdriver or an o-ring pic or something like that pop the leads through now I’m going to take my trigger box I’m going to plug it in and this fitting is going to sit right where your Sears used to go you can see it right up in that area and then the trigger box will just attach as per usual and with that we really are pretty much installed want to mention a couple more things when you install the airline this will use a quarter inch wrench the airline will thread into that fitting we do put some thread Locker on the threads of this fitting before we ship it however if you assemble and disassemble this multiple times that will wear off a little bit of blue loctite something light while we do recommend on the threads of this piece because it is the stop when you’re cycling the bolt so too much wiggling and without a being held in place can cause it to work loose just install the airline take a quarter inch wrench or an adjustable wrench just tighten that down okay so got this all set up went ahead and put our trigger guard back on and we can I plugged in a battery to our wire harness just going to check that functions when you pull the trigger everything is doing what we could it could also air test it at this point only thing left to do is to figure out where we want the air line to exit the stock talked about a couple options they’re probably difficult to see on the camera but there’s an opening at the back of the stock from your trigger area back to the stock that’s where both our air line and our wire harness are going to run back through there into the stock we include a long length of air line with the unit so if you want you can run the air line back and sit at the back of the stock say behind the sling mount if you’d prefer you can make it exit at the base of the grip still a hole there or if you would like the easiest as far as routing is to just drill a hole right about here and have the air line just exit straight down and come out the front it’s really up to you you know different people are going to have different preferences as far as how they route the air line but those are some of the more common options as far as that goes alternatively if you are running this is the this is the barre tan same with the VSR if you’re running the co2 adapter and storm regulator inside the stock you don’t drill a hole at all you just run your air line back to the back we’re going to pop the cap off the stock here and that whole assembly just fits up inside there those are some different options on this one we plan to run the co2 in stock so we’re not going to drill a hole on this one but I’m going to go ahead and run the air line and the wiring through so you can see how it all goes back together first I’m going to feed the air line through the opening goes to the stock see it got coming out the back that one’s good disconnect the battery flip this around and this is gonna go right through the same opening get fed back both of those can go through no problem the only thing that is a little bit tricky about putting this back together see if I can show you on camera here is where these two go through there’s a tab on the back end of the trigger guard that fits into that opening both of those lines both the wiring and the air line they need to sit above that tab so I’m just going to work them up and over don’t you get that situated slide the tab into place as per usual generally just lightly lightly pull on the air line and the wire harness do not just yank on it just to make sure it’s not not bound up anywhere then the whole thing goes back together put our screws back in one thing I will mention on the bar 10 this front screw if you tighten it down too much it’ll make the mag release catch stick so if I hang it down more and see if I push it down it sticks so just loosen it up just enough that it pops back out the other thing you’ll note you may notice is that on some of these tightening or loosening the two screws will affect how freely the action slides you can see mount slides very nicely no resistance that’s just because there’s some play in between the receiver and the barrel and the hop-up unit how tight you tighten down the different screws affects how exactly they line up so if you’re noticing there’s a lot of drag on the bolt when you’re trying to cycle it check that other than that we are completely done you can see at the back I can plug in my battery no problem then check that everything’s working which it is and again at this point you could just run your airline out say through a hole here or in the grip up here if you like and you can trim your airline to whatever length you need and just use the push to connect fitting to attach to it battery gets stowed in there we will be installing the Wraith and co2 adapter and regulator and they will fit inside stock as well alright guys so that’s it for the basic installation again this is a jg bar 10 for the Wolverine airsoft bolt so let’s jump right into it on today’s what the tech you