Installation: P90 (Video)

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Rich discusses the HYDRA Gen 2, upgrade kits and demonstrates how to install a HYDRA in the P90.

Video transcript: hey guys today we’re gonna take a look at the brand new gen 2 Hydra and we’re going to take a look at a few different things here start with upgrade kits how they work swapping between platforms some of the things you need to be aware of with the nozzles and then we’re going to take a look at the basic installation and some of the really cool new wiring that we have available with the gen 2 Hydra for some of these dual stage trigger installations so let’s jump right in upgrade kits any gen 1 hydra inferno or SP you can buy a Gen 2 hydra upgrade kit from your local retailer or from our store at shop around airsoft comm you can get it with the nozzles you want for the gun that you’re putting it in and this is all you have to do you take your Gen 1 Hydra or whatever other system unscrew the valve use a wrench to loosen it if necessary it shouldn’t be necessary install it into the back of the gen 2 Hydra and you are done that easy so that is your Gen 2 Hydra upgrade kit do you be aware with the airline on the gen 2 Hydra that there is a c-clip on the back here and you need the opening in the c-clip to line up with the airline when you install it so rotate the airline fitting here until it lines up with the opening in the c-clip put your airline on and then you can rotate this back to whatever position you want and it’ll push the c-clip with it so but you do want to do that if you try to tighten it down and you catch on the c-clip the airline won’t seal properly so now let’s talk about nozzles if you want to swap the nozzle on a Gen 2 Hydra one thing you do need to be aware of is we use this front bushing plate which is huge in terms of improving the performance but that bushing plate we do have two different bushing plates each of which cover three different nozzle offsets and some of those offsets work for more than one different nozzle so for instance this is a p90 nozzle but it works with the same offset as the G&G m14 and if you look at the bushing plate it’s actually that offset is actually labeled G&G m14 so we’ll provide a table which you can check what nozzle you want to use and it’ll tell you which bushing position to use but do be aware of that if you’re if you’re switching between nozzles that are not on the same bushing plate then you might need to get the then you’ll need to get the bushing plate to match your nozzle so just be aware of that I definitely check that out it’s very easy to swap just three screws here yeah that’s also how you index the plate you rotate it to use a different offset position with that done let’s go ahead and talk about the installation so if you ordered a Gen 2 Hydra kit you will get not the upgrade kits but the complete system you will get this brand new trigger mechanism for select guns we have these four p90 for the PDR and also for the f2000 right now we are working on some other options as well but how this works this is this is a really sweet little system uses you’ll get the wire harness which is a custom wire harness attached already soldered into your two switches for your trigger and selector and then you’ll get this 3d printed little black bracket and it attaches directly to the gearbox using two of the screws that come with the gearbox you will need to attach the switches to the bracket using the supplied Hardware you can see it has a set of little nuts and screws that attach together and hold the switches on to the bracket so you need to do that and then once you get it put together I’m gonna go ahead and install it on the p90 we go through the oblong bushing hole in the gearbox slide it all the way through go ahead and pull the yellow and green solenoid wires through after it and then just gently push the connector through it will fit but it’s a little snug just be gentle pop it through so you can see now we have the switch mechanism on the outside and the wire harness and the plug for the solenoid on the inside simply plug into your solenoid place your cylinder in position in the gearbox tuck your wiring neatly of course so that you don’t end up pinching the wire that’s always bad and then we’re going to replace the upper half of the gearbox again just checking and being careful if you don’t pinch any wires while we do it and we’re gonna go ahead and put in a screw here to tighten this down one other thing I want to mention real quick is the Gentoo hydra does come with this outside overhang the function of this is to tighten down nor to to allow you to make small very minor adjustments in the alignment if you want to by rotating the cylinder generally you’re just going to want to check the nozzle and line it up with the center of the opening for the nozzle in the gearbox and that should be fine in some cases you may find that the alignment on your gun is a little off and that gives you a way to to make it at least minor adjustments and all you do is you boost it up you can rotate the cylinder a little bit there’s not a lot of rotation but you got a little bit there just to let you make real slight adjustments we’re just gonna Center it up right about there and tighten it down now the switch mechanism is held on by two screws simply install the screws don’t over tighten them cuz you’re tightening down on plastic which does not want to hold a lot of compressive force from the screws and there’s no need to over tighten them just snug them down nicely like that and you are done that’s it that easy really is just a drop-in installation you notice we didn’t reinstall the motor cage we generally don’t on p90s if you need to for some reason maybe it’s helping with holding it stable in your in your gun or something you need to drill the line for the air line through the motor cage but otherwise you’re done all we got to do at this point is drill one hole for the air line I check our Gen one video which we will reference here for you on the positioning of that hole for the air line all we’re gonna do just thread the air line through first gearbox in there we go just install your back plate hold your gearbox in position and you’re all set so you can see the wire harness is nice and short little tuck right up where it should really really nice and pretty simple installation here and again we offer these on a few different platforms for with the prefabricated trigger mechanism and we are working on more because we’re trying to make it as simple as possible for you guys so thanks for watching leave us your questions or comments in the comment section below and as always give us a follow on Instagram a like on Facebook and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get more great videos like this and lots of other fun content from Wolverine airsoft you