Installation: PDR-C (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to install a HYDRA in the PDR-C.

Video transcript: all right so today we’re gonna take a look at how to install on one of my personal favorites the Magpul PDRC we’ve got one here we’re gonna go ahead and tear this down before we do that let’s go over quickly what’s gonna come with the Gentoo hydra Magpul PDRC kit you will get your custom wire harness folh replaces the existing trigger block and makes it much easier to install you also get this jumper wire which connects to your solenoid and then you’ll get all your little hardware here for connecting these switches to the 3d printed block you’ll also obviously get your FCU battery airline all the standard stuff so let’s go ahead and tear this down alright now we have arrived at the first sort of tricky part on this gun now you have the pushrod system here and it’s very easy to lose parts if you aren’t careful but the nice thing is this side of the pushrod system we’re going to completely get rid of so you can just go ahead and pull it out there’s three little screws here and there’s a spring attached I like to take the three screws out not the one on the spring so that it retains the spring again getting rid of all that and you can say that see that way the screw here retains the spring so if we need that now we can take that one off this is your magazine release mechanism so this we do want to make sure we hold on to all the parts let’s go ahead and get the wiring here out of the way and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna loosen these up I’m not gonna take the screws all the way out you should be able to disengage that push rod mechanism hold the push rod down and pop that up so now the whole gearbox can just pull out of the lower and we will set the lower aside for me I’m gonna go to work on the gearbox there are a few pieces that you are not going to need anymore I’ll go ahead and take them off this is again just part of your trigger mechanism it doesn’t hurt to leave it on but also doesn’t help just go to town taking gearbox apart should all be Phillips head screws this does have a quick change spring mechanism so well take advantage of that to decompress the spring before we pop the gearbox in here you might want to do that before you take all the screws out so take a six millimeter hex key and of course we don’t need that anymore so now we can split the gearbox we got all the screws go let us know pretty quickly if we didn’t so I forgot about this at this point we do have to actually take this all the way off take it off carefully so you don’t send any of these little screws flying one more screw right there now so pull out all our gears all right so the switch we’re not going to use so you can decide or it if you want that would be the neat way to do it for the sake of keeping this on video I’m just going to trim the wires right into the switch if I wanted to I could salvage that have enough wire there so set that aside as well and the wiring can go to one more piece of the trigger mechanism here cutoff lever you don’t have to remove this but why not at this point I’m gonna take this over and wash it out because it’s pretty greasy and it’s got a good bit of grit in there looks like the gears were grinding pretty badly so I’m gonna go ahead and wash this out and then we’ll come back and do more video gave you a quick little acetone bath just to clean it up wiped it down with a paper towel to get most of the grease off and now we’re gonna go ahead and drill the air line let’s talk about how we’re gonna do that now in this gun we want the air line hole in both the gearbox and the body to line up here’s what we’re gonna do notice I’ve put four screws back in one two three four that’s just to support the body while we drill now I’m gonna put the gearbox back in and I’m gonna put in back in a couple of our screws that hold the gearbox into the body of the gun one front one back should be fine for what we’re doing just something to hold it in place now the easiest way to make sure that both holes we drill out drill line up in the same place is going to be to drill them sort of at the same time but here’s how we’re gonna do it I went to airline to come out right about here in this case so my preferred location on this gun now ultimately we’re gonna want a 3/8 hole because we’re gonna do an FGL here but to get us started I’m gonna start with about 1/8 inch drill bit I’m gonna find a spot I want there’s a little bit of a scheme in the body you can find just locate in the center and then I’m going to drill through the gearbox or sorry through the body of the gun and just far enough that I feel I feel it hit the gearbox and then just run a little bit you’re not trying to drill through the gearbox there you’re just trying to mark it mark it in line with the hole you just drilled so let’s go ahead and see got here alright so looking in the body we have our hole right here or pilot hole have a matching mark on the gearbox or we can go ahead and drill that out so now I’m going to take this over to device I’m going to go ahead and drill my larger hole again I’m doing an F G L so we’re gonna do 3/8 if you’re just doing a standard line you could get away with 5/16 or maybe even a quarter inch for this purpose we’re gonna go ahead and do a 3/8 hole right there and right there on the body alright so got our hole drilled nice and centered it was a good idea to deburr those edges use a file or if you have one a debugging tool so let’s go ahead and finish up with the gearbox here real quick and then we move on to the rest of the installation these screws back out alright so here’s our agenda Hydra the PDR is actually a below Center nozzle so the Hydra logo is going to go on the back side this is going to get an F GL I said I’m already upgraded and only thing you gotta watch for is if we line up the airline where we want it and then we look we’re running into the c-clip here so what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna rotate this around a moment go ahead and install the airline writing it down with a quarter inch wrench don’t don’t need to over tighten it just snug but now when I rotate this back around to where I want it it’ll push the c-clip with it so you can get it lined up where you want this can just drop right in there our airline and go out the opening we just drilled there the only other thing we got to do is take our wiring jumper here plug it into the back of the solenoid and then it just comes and out the back of the gearbox where the quick change spring guide go so you go ahead and put the gearbox back together remember to check that your two little screw plates are in there and also just remember that you’re gonna have to pop the mag catch forward we’re free to move your box screws back in as is often the case with these builds we’re not going to put all the gearbox screws back in just because there’s really no need for all of them once you don’t have the load of the gears and spring and all that so we’re just gonna put in enough to hold it securely we’ll do four here different corners notice I left this one out because that one’s annoying disassembling it in the future got all of your box done only final thing we have to do is go ahead and reattach the plate here for the mag release lever so you gotta hook the spring on the part it’s best if you just don’t unhook it but in washing it came unhooked so we’re gonna go ahead and one of our little retention screws back in the one at the back so it has more room to play because again we want to just have that on there loosely so that we can reattach the push rod mechanism there and you are done with the gearbox installation now let’s talk about the trigger so the PDR kit is going to include one of these nifty new 3d printed trigger replacement units what this does is it replaces the push rod mechanism with a microswitch trigger makes it very very nice trigger keeps the double action trigger but along with that you’re going to get your wire harness here which has two different switches a connector plug and then your connector for your FCU you will also get a little bag that has your screws some washers and a few little nuts so let’s go ahead and put this together I’m gonna put two of my nuts here in these little slots now see this part that sticks down that goes the back and then the trigger is going to sit just like that not the other way around go ahead and grab one of our one of our screws here highly recommend magnetizing your screwdriver no need to over tighten these we are attaching to plastic so we don’t want to damage the plastic by going nuts with a screwdriver that is your trigger switch now your selector switch your this is a two-stage trigger so it acts on the full trigger pull in full auto it’s going to get attached right like this you notice that the button is off if we look at the back of this trigger block the orange button is too the more to the right side of the switch and this has little retainers for the nuts that’s it on the back side you can hold it with your finger on these we need to put some washers too should work but we do provide an extra one just in case maybe your screw is a little on the long side or something we’re going to go one two there we go two of these little washers again no need to over tighten this just snug it down so there we go that’s probably the most tedious part of the whole process is just putting those on it’s really not too bad just take your time at small parts if you’re not used to working with small parts it can be a little tedious process so we got our trigger mechanism assembled now the extra to the extra two washers what we’re looking for is we don’t want the screws to come out past the end of this past this surface here they do they’ll run into something in the gun so we’re just checking that they’re there flush and here we’re good with two washers we should be in general but we provide a couple extra just in case all we’re going to do to install this trigger mechanism is to undo these two screws set that whole assembly aside is the two screws and this whole piece the whole trigger push rod just comes out you don’t need that there’s a little ball bearing they also don’t need that now we’re just going to set this in making sure that we the trigger lever there in front of the nub on the trigger that will activate it drop that right in put our two screws back in and there we go you can hear you have a nice quick micro switch and then if you pull it all the way it’s the second switch and that activates full auto a very clean very easy trigger pull this off well how’s our FCU and battery in the grip now we can just drop our gearbox back in and I forgot to mention earlier earlier it is a half inch drill bit on the body 5/16 or 3/8 won’t work on the gearbox when our body we want to hear that I said that wrong earlier we want to go ahead and re-engage the selector switch mechanism or the mag release mechanism there we go wiring comes up here plugs into our wire harness tuck under there just like the stock wiring and at that point really we’re all set all right so we’ve got this all put back together barrel and hop-up and I’ll just go back together like normal so let’s give it a shot see how it des semi and then fold for your pole do full real nice I love this gun this is one of my personal favorites I’m going to be doing another video here probably a little while showing you some of the other things we’ve done on this gun to improve the feeding and such with the the PDRC feed mechanism thanks for watching guys hope this was helpful and we will see you guys out on the field