Premium FCU Tuning

Full instructions for tuning the dwell, rate of fire and burst modes for the Premium FCU can be found in the Owner’s Manual. You can also refer to this video for a basic overview.

For instructions for the Gen 1 Premium FCU, please see the Gen 1 Premium FCU Tuning Instructions.

Video transcript: what’s up guys this is rich with Wolverine airsoft and we are very excited to announce the Gen 2 premium FCU from Walter in Arizona now the original premium FCU is the original FCU that we started with there are some key things that you won’t really loved about it how simple it was and robust and things like that but with the gen 2 design what we wanted to do is keep the things the people liked but then add some new features the programming is now completely tooless so you don’t need a screwdriver to adjust the settings it is done with two little buttons and a simple LED menu so go ahead and plug it in here now to program the FCU what you’re going to do is press both buttons and hold them down for five seconds that will kick you into the programming menu once you’re there you can select to tune either your dwell and your rate of fire or your burst mode select well and write a fire then there’s seven yellow LEDs on the right side of the bar act as a fill bar the higher the level the more that bar fills up so you can program it very intuitively just like you could be the original point but in addition that bar correlates to a table which you have which will allow you to look up the exact values your settings if you want to know exactly what your rate of fire is and you can look that up now if we slide our switch down to the burst programming side of the menu there’s another feature that we added on this board the ability to program image select fire state individually so you have the same select seven select fire states that we talked word honor original FCU but now you can select for each fire state which one you want your program any combination of semi and burst that you want one of the most exciting new features that we’re offering on the gen 2 premium FCU is short detection now the short detection monitors the voltage on the solenoid pin and if there is a short on the solenoid wires which is one of the number one things that people do that ruin their part as they pinch the wires or they somehow sort the system it will sense that sort and will cut off power so that Union won’t fry the board like all of our Epson use the Gen 2 premium FCA utilizes full time sleep in order to minimize power consumption and maximize your battery life it’s also backwards compatible with any existing premium FCU or bluetooth absence of unit now on the firmware side of things a few improvements we made include an improved stiction algorithm as well as changes to the trigger reading algorithm to speed up the trigger reading and maximize the semi-auto rate of fire potential the Gen 2 premium FCU has already started shipping with all premium level engine orders so expect to see them showing up at your local retailer very soon for the full set of instructions check out the instructions document in the description below as always thanks for watching guys.

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