Quake Maintenance Guide (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to disassemble, maintain and reassemble the QUAKE Stock.

Note: The QUAKE has been discontinued.

Video transcript: one sec all right so this is going to be the technical overview video for the quake we’re going to this is focusing on the mechanical portions we covered the electronics and helps tuning in some other videos so this is just going to be dealing with how to disassemble it do any maintenance you might need to do on it and such so we’re going to go ahead and start with a 7/16 wrench or driver as we have in this case or skimming loosen this up now let’s just pull out the whole sliding mass spring system and for most of for basic maintenance that’s really all you’re going to need to do is take that off lubricate your o-rings these two are rings because there’s only two dynamic o-rings in the system and you can put it back together we’re going to go ahead and break it all the way down here and show you what’s inside in case you need to break it down further now before we get started on the more complete teardown I want to say two things one we don’t really recommend your average person do this there are some small components inside that can be damaged if you don’t do it properly if you’re having a problem with the with the core of the system it’s better to have us dealing with it on warranty or take it to a qualified tech to have them help you with it if you are going to do it there are a couple of tools that you will need you will need a 5/64 allen key and then you will need the one that is probably gonna be a little more difficult to find which is a 35 thousandths LMT this is a very very small allen key they can be found but you might not be able to pick one up at your local hardware store so before you try to do this make sure you have found a source or these tools to take this apart what we’re going to do is take the screw out using our 560 for this point this whole piece can come apart now this is the core of your system this is where your valve and your airline go in this point we can just unthread these two pieces there are no o-rings on this piece here and then this is where you will need your very very small allen key there’s a small set screw which sits right here which we’re just going to back out and then you can get access to your valve if you need it notice I didn’t pull this plug through I recommend just leaving it there unless you really pull that out if you need to completely pull this part you can pop the connector off of here and you can unscrew the valve do take care when you are reinstalling this valve take it out again you’re dealing with very small parts here the o-rings on this valve can easily be damaged if you’re not careful just be very gentle in screwing it back in and just make sure that you don’t feel any binding at all if you feel any binding back it up a little bit and work it until everything goes in nice and smoothly lubricate those o-rings a little bit before you put them back together again just to make sure you don’t damage an o-ring most people will never need to do this again this is just showing you the full breakdown in case you need it there are three o rings on the body here these are all the same o ring and if you need to replace them you’ll notice that there are actually six grooves three of them are air grooves and three of them are over in grooves the grooves that don’t have a port in them are the ones that get the o-rings they have one two three airings and then you have three grooves that have an airport and those do not get a rings that’s that will go ahead and put this back together here stick the air line through plug the valve in there is a small detent on the valve body here that’s what your set screw goes into you’ll notice it’s lined up with the air line so if we line that up and you don’t need to tighten this all the way down it just needs to get flush that’s just keeping the valve housing from where when we tighten the threads down go ahead and install the piece back in make sure you tighten that down and then this can go back into your buffer tube the threaded hole here goes on the bottom side of the buffer tube that’s where that little screw we took out at the beginning goes into just make sure you guide your your wiring and your air line through that’s always when dealing with wiring don’t force anything if it doesn’t want to go back up check what’s sticking and try again there we go so you can see we can find the threaded hole we can rotate this piece until we get it to line up and get our 5/64 you will want to put some Loctite some blue loctite on this or we use vibra tight which resists vibration but isn’t locking like like Loctite is so screw that in this you will want some blue loctite on the large side of the mask goes to the back real quick if you do need to replace the o-rings there’s one on the outside one on the inside just two overhangs can’t really mix them up so the large side of the mask goes to the back towards the spring at the back here we’ll talk about this real fast there you have a spring then you have a little rubber washer and then you have this small retaining plate that the spring sits on the spring goes on then your mass and that whole assembly goes into the back of the system simply tightens down again using our 7/16 wrench or in this case a driver there’s not a need to over tighten that because when you put the whole system together the way this is designed with the nut on this end once it’s installed in the system and then the tightening of the castle nut the tightening of the castle that actually stretches the whole thing and puts tension on on this bulb as well as the nut at the front so that keeps everything locked in place so you don’t need to go crazy on this bolt just tighten it in place and you are all set so that’s how you carry down your quick stock if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below as always comments or suggestions are welcome and give us a like on Facebook follow on Instagram and a subscription here on YouTube so you can get all the latest updates on Wolverine airsoft products thanks for watching guys