Receiver Tension Screw and Pistol Base Plate Installation (Video)

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Glenn demonstrates how to eliminate wobble in the billet receiver with the tension adjustment screw, as well as demonstrates the base plate that comes with DLG Tactical pistol grips.

Video transcript:

if you’re watching this video you probably just got a kit of parts that looks something like this with your new mtw and you’re wondering what are these parts for well i’m glen and i’m gonna answer those questions for you on today’s episode of what the tech so the first part you’re going to find in your kit is a small nylon receiver tensioning screw so let’s go over why you may or may not want to use this screw you might want to use it to adjust any small amount of movement out of your upper and lower receiver by tightening that screw down onto the rear lug it’s going to put a small amount of tension between your receivers and eliminate any amount of movement between your upper and lower for me personally i’m not going to be using this as someone who’s been around real ars a decent amount there’s usually a tiny bit of movement in your receivers and it doesn’t bother me at all secondly it’s going to limit the amount of ways you can use your mtw by putting this screw here you’re not able to run your wires into your buffer tube which for some people depending on what grip they’re running might be an issue and as i mentioned before if you run your wires through with the screw installed it’s going to pinch them and void the warranty on your board so to start off we’re going to just pop out the pins on your receiver this option will be available on all nine millimeters and on all mtw’s shipped after may 2022 to figure out if your gun has this option simply take out your wiring harness pull out your rear pin and there should be a small tapped hole directly underneath the rear takedown pin next we’re going to take the grip off you’re going to need a 3/16 hex key and when you’re removing this be sure to hold on to the parts and be careful because when you pull this out you’re going to have a spring and a detent so make sure to set those aside so that you don’t lose them next we’re going to go ahead and install the nylon tensioning screw you’re going to need an eighth inch hex key and since it’s a plastic screw you want to be careful when you’re starting it that you don’t cross thread it once you get your screw started you’re going to want to flip your gun back over take your wiring harness and put it down through the grip this step is important because if you leave it going into the buffer tube you will pinch your wires between the screw and the bottom lug of your receiver and void the warranty on your board next you’ll take your upper receiver feed your airline back through the grip and take your hex key and start tightening down the screw just till it’s snug once you feel your screw bottom out you want to back it off just a touch or you can mess around with it and tighten it until there’s as much movement in your receiver as you want just be careful not to tighten it down too much or you may strip your screw also if you tighten it down too much you will not be able to remove the back lug of your receiver at this point we’re going to go ahead and reassemble everything in the same order that we disassembled it first take your detent and drop it down in the hole make sure you have your spring and your grip and go ahead and feed your wiring harness and your airline back through the hole once you have all that just carefully get it all lined up take your hex key and reinstall the grip so in conclusion while most people won’t use this feature it’s just another great way that wolverine airsoft is looking out for the airsoft community the second part you may find in your kit depending on your trim is a base plate for your dlg tactical grip this is a lot more self-explanatory basically if you want to run your battery and your grip you’ll have your wiring harness come into your grip like i just covered you’ll take your base plate and snap it in like so for removing it you can just take any long object stick it under this and remove it if you found this video useful be sure to go check out some of our other what the tech videos we have a lot of resources out there that will hopefully help you solve most questions if you have any questions we can’t help you with be sure to contact our tech department they’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible also while you’re here go give us a follow thanks guys