Spartan Electronics for AEG Tuning (Video)

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Instructions on tuning the dwell, rate of fire, and burst mode for Spartan Electronics can be found in the Owner’s Manuals, or you can refer to this video.

Video transcript: what’s up guys this is rich with Wolverine airsoft and we are live at Wolverine airsoft headquarters here in Kingsport Tennessee today I’m what the tech we’re going to take a look at the Spartan trigger board how to tune it what you need to know this will also cover tuning for the quake recoil stock since it uses our Spartan system so let’s jump right in so to get into programming mode the first thing we need to do is get to the battery with the Spartan it’s generally housed in the grip especially when you’re running the recoil stock there’s no room in the buffer tube so let’s go ahead and pull the battery out so with the battery out we’re ready to go into programming mode but before we do that we want to make sure we have everything else set up so we’re going to grab a chronograph now if you don’t have a chronograph don’t worry too much you can test this just like always setting the dwell you can just watch the BB trajectory and you can see when the trajectory starts to drop off major dwells too low next we’re going to load a mag and finally we’re going to get our air tank set up with the regulator set to pressure that we want to operate at before we jump into this this is what we call live-fire tuning with all that because we’re actually shooting as we tuned the gun so put on your safety glasses and let’s get started to boot into programming mode what we’re going to do is unplug the battery and now we’re going to plug in the battery with the trigger held down easiest way to do this is just kind of get it started but not push it in hold it down if so line clicks when you pull the trigger you push the battery in too far now push it together that should put us in programming mode the first thing we’ll notice is that when we pull the trigger nothing happens but when we were released to trigger the system fires so that tells me I’m in programming mode now there are two things we’re going to program in programming mode first is dwell if we are set to the semi-automatic position you’re setting dwell if we switch to the full auto position that will set rate of fire for the rate of fire I don’t really necessarily need the air plugged in but we’re going to go ahead and do it anyway you will be firing the system here so make sure you’re pointed in a safe direction if you’re wearing your safety goggles if I just pull the trigger and release it so our current rate of fire if I hold the trigger down it will modulate in this case the rate of fire it’ll do the same thing with the dwell when we get to that setting but I’m going to do it going to wait until I get to the right fire I want you can see once it got to the highest rate of fire it kicked back down to the lowest rating in the menu and then started back going back up all right I like that setting so I’m done with my rate of fire setting now we’re going to go to dwell and here’s where you want your chronograph if you have one this is where the live fire part of it comes into play what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a magazine in once we’re ready to shoot and then we’re going to go shoot into the chronograph but just like with the rate of fire as I hold the trigger down you can about once every second and a half the system is going to fire a shot with each shot it is reducing the dwell if I wait long enough all right you heard the duck out there the DoubleTap means you’re back at the maximum dwell value just throwing numbers out there let’s say it starts at you know the highest number is 12 lowest number is 3 it’s going to start at 12 right as when you double tap that means you’re 12 then you’re going to step down to 11 10 9 8 keep going down and what looking for on the current event graph is we’re looking for the velocity 2 to start to drop off a little bit that means the dwell is as low as it can be but first we get to the highest setting so I just went through had it tapped quite now I’m at the highest setting and we can go step up to our Chris graph and we can give it a shot all right so we’ll go ahead and put in a magazine and now we are ready to set our dwell so I’m just going to hold the trigger down all right so the last two shots I was right about 315 317 somewhere around there the last two shots went 308 300 that tells me my velocity is starting to drop off so you can just go all the way back around the menu if you want or you can double tap if I double tap quickly it will back me up a step so now I’m back up at 308 309 with this type of system leaving it 5 to 10 FPS below is going to give you maximum efficiency we were 315 though and for maximum accuracy we like to go back up to right before we drop off there we’re at 313 313 so we’ve set our dwell we’ve set our rate of fire all we do is unplug the battery or just leave it sit for a minute or two and it will timeout now we go back in that’s the Spartan programming system live-fire tuning let’s head back in finish up now there’s one other thing you can set on your Spartan FCU and that’s your burst now if you have one of the original Spartans which is the vast majority of the ones out there you have two bursts settings you have full auto and three round bursts with the new Spartan MCU that we’ve just started shipping with the quake and that will soon be shipping with all of the Spartan editions there is a third option which is your is semi auto only so you have for your select fire positions you can choose either semi auto 3 round burst or full auto now we don’t program this in programming mode I am back in normal fire mode and you’ll notice that the battery is inside the gun there’s no need to remove the battery to change this setting all we’re going to do is switch the gun into semi-auto and hold down the trigger for 10 seconds now when we release it we are now in three round burst mode if we do it again for ten seconds go back into full-auto now am i right so now we semi semi if we do it one more time all this dead time Latin and Counting you’re back in full auto that is how you set your burst mode if you don’t know which one you have two easy ways to tell one is just try it and see whether you have three settings or two and the other way you can tell is any Spartan board that was shipped with the quake stock will have the third semi only setting and if you don’t know whether you have the new board or not because you didn’t get the quakes stock then you can look at the board the new version with the three settings has an extra connector on it an extra connector port for the output for the quake stock if you only if you only have the one output for the solenoid then you have the original board so that’s it guys that’s this bargaining edition from Walter yourselves we love this system this is our best-selling system and honestly it’s our favorite for all of our shotguns the majority of our shotguns are on this system it is super simple very very easy and reliable to set up since there’s a process that you can follow it’s very very simple takes like 30 seconds to get set up once you know what you’re doing in addition to that your battery is well protected you don’t your FCU is internal so it’s protected from water damage there’s not a wire harness like you have with an external MCU that you can damage super robust system we love this well like I said our favorite system for all of our shotguns that we run on the field and put through abuse so I hope this was helpful as always if you have questions drop them in the comment section below and we will see you guys out on the field you