Spartan Electronics for MTW-Spec with Optical Sensor Installation (Video)

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Rich demonstrates how to install the new MTW Control Board / Trigger Board Black Edition with optical selector sensor and modify a selector barrel for use with the sensor.

Video Transcript: so today we’re going to take a look at how to replace your mtw control board now this will work whether you are dealing with the spartan style control board that we have here today or a premium style standalone trigger board that works with our fcu we have selected for our test piece here the oldest version of the mtw electronics if you have one of the newer versions that already has some of the updates things will be a little bit different but they should be easier and they’ll just be a couple steps that you can skip to start with we’re going to press out the hammer pin next we’re going to take a one and a half millimeter allen key and loosen the set screw that holds the trigger onto the trigger pin then we’re going to remove the trigger pin now the board and the trigger and spring should all come out now since we are using a board that still has the spring on it here and the replacement board does not we’re going to go ahead and pop that spring off just grab a little piece of pair of needle nose pliers grab the spring at the bottom you can pop it free from the glue holding it to the board there we go now the next step is going to be to remove the grip you’ll need a 3 16 allen keyset the grip aside with the screw and then you’re going to have a small spring and the detent for the selector switch that will come out the bottom now at this point we can simply remove the selector switch so let’s talk for just a second about how the optical sensor on the board works the optical sensor sits right here and looks down on the top of the selector switch as it sits in the gun and then the selector switch rotates around for the gun to fire in semi-auto mode we need the optical the optical sensor to see a a reflection so we need something that’s bright or white for it to read in select fire we need it to read not to see its reflection so to see something dark now with your optical sensor board you’re going to get two little stickers here this is a white one this is a black one now there are two different styles of selector switch which you may have one is the carbon steel version which has a black oxide finish on it the other is a stainless steel version that has this bright finish on it now what you’re going which dot you’re going to use is going to depend on which version you have we have the carbon steel version here so we’re going to work with that today and we will put a white dot on the top side of the selector if we look at it here it’s going to go on the top side right here where the side is going to be facing the optical sensor when the gun is in semi-auto if we were using the stainless steel version we would put it put a black dot on hold this in an area you can see right there black top black dot on sort of the forwards if the gun’s in semi-auto would be on forward side of the gun and when the selector is flipped to select fire it’s going to then the dot’s going to be on the top and we’ll use the black dot now before we do either of those we’re going to grab some isopropyl alcohol and we’re just going to give that surface that we’re going to attach the sticker to a quick cleaning just in case there’s anything on that surface now we’re going to take our white dot carefully peel it off try not to touch the sticky surface too much and we’re going to apply it right on the top surface of the selector switch like so and you’ll see it extends over this edge a little bit you can just kind of fold it over that edge press it carefully into place to make sure that it doesn’t come free there you go now we can go ahead and reinstall time to install the selector switch flip the gun upside down take the detent and drop it into the detent hole then we’re going to take the spring put the spring in the hole in the grip flip the gun on its side put it together take our 3 16 allen key tighten it down and check that it actuates correctly now we’re going to double check we’re going to see that when the gun is in semi-auto the white dot is facing the top when it’s in select fire the black surface is facing the top and that’s what we want now since the optical sensor boards have the new slot style that makes the installation and removal easier right here you can see the board has a slot in it that goes over the trigger pin we’re going to go ahead and reinstall the trigger pin first put the trigger in place install the trigger pin and then we can go ahead and snug down the screw on the trigger pin with the trigger pressed over to the left side of the gun snug that down now what we can do is we can take our electronics and drop them down into place like so run the wiring back into the buffer tube now if now if you have one of the newer boards that does not use the spring and that’s what you’re replacing at this point you would simply press your hammer pin through and you would be done however we have we’re using this spring so what we’re going to do is we’re going to start the pin from the right side of the gun until it extends just a little bit past the board get the wiring out of the way then we’re going to take our spring grab two coils with your with your small needle nose pliers hook it on the visible part of the pin that we just pushed through once it’s in place we can then work the trigger pin or the hammer pin the rest of the way through the hammer pin should just go straight through the middle of that spring then there we go the last step is going to be to re-hook the trigger spring which i recommend a small flat blade screwdriver but i’m going to use pliers instead there we go so that is how we swap in one of the newer style optical sensor boards into an older mtw that has the traditional mechanical selector switch i hope that was helpful guys and we will see you guys next time