REAPER M Maintenance (Video)

For instruction for disassembling and maintaining your REAPER M, please see the Owner’s Manual and/or watch a complete breakdown of the engine in this video.

Video transcript: what’s up guys today we’re gonna take a look at the mechanical Reaper in MTW so to get started this is a mechanical version of our Reaper systems all of the mechanical Reapers we are shipping come with the Gentoo Reaper technology if you haven’t seen the Gentoo Reaper technical overview video check the link in the description below so let’s go ahead and jump into this we’re gonna go ahead and pump both body pins pull upper and lower apart now starting with a little lower well immediately notice that has a different trigger this is a cnc aluminum trigger assembly has a little we call the elbow link up here this is a completely different trigger mechanism than the electrical guns there’s no electronics inside you just have to just have this simple trigger mechanism so if we pop that out we’re gonna use one point five millimeter allen key to loosen the setscrew trigger pin out uses the same trigger pin and here is our trigger assembly quickly that there’s a little spring there this is the set screw that holds the trigger on to the trigger pin when it’s installed in the lower we also notice that we’ve put a pin in the front here this is held in with a hairpin clip right here and the spring to keep it in place there’s no need to remove that for the purposes of this video but it is there so that you were aware to reinstall it’s easiest to have the gun in select fire have to trigger in stall the pin hold the pin centered and tighten down the set screw that’s our lower now if we take a look at the upper I will find that there’s also no electronics in the effort so our contact yoke here is not there other than that it looks pretty similar we have the same same clip at the front here Airlines routed the same way this is very very simple to disassemble route the air line back through pull it through pop the front clip and the engine comes straight out the back there’s nothing different about the uppers other than are the hop-up other than that we are using a different hop-up rubber for the reaper builds both mechanical and electrical looking at the engine that will see some somewhat significant differences as we noted this is the Gentoo reaper technology a real easy way to tell is that nozzle is now spring-loaded you’ll see at the back we don’t have a solenoid but we have this mechanical valve go ahead and remove that and we’ll take a look a little bit closer look at that now those of you that are familiar with the MTW engines will realize that we are we do not have the screw on the top of the engine the reason for this is that for the mechanical Reaper to work it actually sits in the receiver upside down okay so normally the engine sit in like this we’re gonna sit in just like this the mechanical valve itself is actuated by pushing the button on the back this is a built in pilot valve this is the pilot valve that sends the air to the main valve here so if you need to lubricate your valve it can be disassembled to this point we do not recommend disassembling the pilot valve itself it has some very small parts in it that should be serviced by a warranty Center and this is not a user serviceable element of the system but if you need to break down the valve in order to lubricate it and clean it whatever you need to do that’s how it works spring can drop back in it’ll sit down in a hole in the bottom check that our Springs lined up and you can thread the pilot back into the back of the valve so there we go reassembling this system the valve will simply screw into the back you don’t want to fully bottom this out the how far you thread this in actually acts as the adjustment on the trigger engagement because it moves the position of the the button with respect to the trigger mechanism but probably this won’t work for us if we need to adjust it we can adjust it once we give it a try reassembly is just like normal we’re gonna go ahead and line up the clip remember the engine goes in upside down so the air line is actually on the top side of the engine and then you can route through and we’re done we’ll go ahead and plug in there and check it so if you find that the trigger is not actually firing the system you probably need to just back that valve out a little bit make sure that it’s at a position where the trigger actually engages it and actuate sit other than that good to go so this has been the technical overview video for the Reaper m4 MTW