G&P Mags Modification (Video)

Rich demonstrates how to modify a G&P Frog Mag for use with the MTW.

Video transcript: hey guys so we’ve gotten a couple questions about compatibility with the GMP frog mags with MTW these mags are wider across this dimension than most standard AG mags so you can make them work if you want to and we’re gonna show you how to do that basically what you’re gonna do is take your magazine and you’re gonna put it in preferably in a set of bytes but however you want to hold it with soft just I’m gonna put it in the vise and just gently hold it we’re gonna take a flat file and we’re gonna file down the backstrap area here just try to work either plate from front to back making sure you’re removing an even amount of material and I probably take a minute or two depending on how rough your file is make sure when you when you’ve gotten it down a bit and come back and sort of hit the corners you’ll form a little bit corners on the edges you want to smooth those off so I’m going to come at it quickly the from an angle and hit the corners smooth those off so after you’ve done it for a bit you can test fit it so this one’s still a little snug we could take a little bit more off if we wanted to but it goes in there and would work alright so but just to show you the final step once you’re happy with it come back with some sandpaper this is about 220 grit so sort of a medium grit nuts not superfine but good enough for what we’re doing and just sort of smooth it out if you’re 500 of these sort of what we’re up surface you can just come back with a sandpaper again make sure you smooth the corners over like so and there you go again it isn’t dropping freely but we could keep working on it a little more if we wanted to and and get it fit a little bit looser but for the purpose of this video that’s basically what you’re gonna do shows you how you can get them to work if you want to but again it’s this dimension right here that they’re wider than standard magazines so that’s that’s what you got to do to make it fit

Front Sight Post Installation (Video)

Rich demonstrates how to add a gas block or front sight posts to the MTW by modifying the outer barrel.

Video transcript: we had some questions about how to attach a gas block or front sight post on MTW barrel because it doesn’t have the grooves milled in it like a traditional AR barrel now most of these gas blocks and a lot of the front sight posts will have a set screw in them and that’s quite sufficient most of the time but if you want to pin it if you’re doing something like here we have a traditional style post here and you want to pin it so you’re a hundred percent sure what you can do is actually use the front post guide as our front post as a guide to drill the barrel because this is this is aluminum so the barrel is aluminum so it’s pretty soft now we’re using a 1/8 inch drill and you’re gonna want to be careful and take your time on this and make sure that your drill is as straight up and down as possible so that you don’t miss shape the hole too much and so that you don’t break your drill bit so we’re just gonna do is just go ahead and start almost there there we go so look at this clean came right there on the other side now we’re gonna use a one-eighth inch roll pin this is actually the same pins that we use it’s a standard trigger-guard roll pin so it’s a 1/8 inch roll pin and we’re just gonna drive it right through there she is and that is how you pin a front sight post on an MTW barrel

Aftermarket Grip Modification (Video)

Rich demonstrates how to modify an aftermarket grip to fit MTW-Spec platforms.

Video transcript: what’s up guys today I’m with attack we’re going to be showing you how to install a custom grip on your MTW so today we’re going to be talking about how to install a grip on your MTW or rather how to modify it so that it will work now the MTW uses standard AR grips this is just a normal a – style grip nothing fancy here but this same principle will work regardless of what grip you choose to use now if you are a shop or somebody that plans to do a lot of these builds we will be making a drill guide that will make this process simple and foolproof but if you’re just doing one and you don’t want to get the drill guide or you’re an early adopter and drug ID isn’t available yet we’re gonna show you how to do this so tools you will need if you are not using the drill guide you’re going to need a set of calipers or some other way to measure fairly precisely position you will also want a 3/8 inch drill bit and a half inch drill bit if you are only planning on running your electronics down into the grip say you’re running a race arrow or rate co2 and you just need the electronics in there then you can get away with just the 3/8 if you’re going to run the air line through you don’t want the half-inch as well you will also want a drill at the back edge of the grip there is a corner down in the grip there all we’re going to do is measure a quarter inch or if you’re in metric six millimeters is close enough from that my inside corner from this corner here six millimeters or a quarter inch away from that edge so we’re gonna use the calipers from this direction we can mark that position with the calipers okay so we’ve got ourselves marked there at this point if you wanted to use a center punch that would be a good idea to keep you centered hey Kody do we have that if you don’t have a center punch it’s not the end of the world but it will help you stay a little more on target and I’m kind of scribed a line with the back of the calipers and that and you can also generally on these you’ll be able to see a mold line right along the center if not it’s it’s fairly easy to estimate the center or you can try to measure so this is 3/8 of an inch across here so you can measure the middle if you need to but in this case we have a nice bold line so I’m just gonna go right in the center and then we’re gonna punch you know to give us a nice center mark to start drilling with and take my three-inch drill at this point and I’m going to just drill a hole straight through I want to stay as perpendicular to this surface here the surface that makes up sort of the angle at the bottom of the grip block when it stays perpendicular to that surface as I can and generally it’s going to be at an angle that was sort of like this in the grip it will end up I hang a little bit away from the back edge of the grip unless you are doing certain grips that are a steeper grip angle so get centered on my mark okay so there is our 3/8 inch hole now we could clean this up and again if you were just running the wiring through here that’s probably big enough to get your wiring through and we should be alright but if you’re going to do the air line you don’t want the half-inch hole now what we’re gonna do with the half-inch is we’re gonna switch over to it I’m actually gonna drill from the bottom into the hole I just made we’re joined plastic so it tends to make big chips there we go you can see we just ran the half-inch up through the hole that we started with 3/8 and the reason we start with the 3/8 is because you can see the half-inch cuts into the sides here a little bit and if you don’t if you try to drill with half-inch from this side you’re gonna have trouble have trouble doing that but by starting with 3/8 that gets us on the in the right location and then we can run the 1/2 inch from the bottom up through use the 3/8 as a guide and you should be in good shape there again we will be doing another video once we get the drill guides finished up and how that won’t work is it will just be a block that you can attach your grip to and it’ll have a sleeve essentially that you can run the drill bit straight through in one run and it will make sure it’s located perfectly every time and you don’t have to worry about it but if you’re doing a one-off or you’re just getting started and when I want to do this and we don’t have the drug guides out yet this will get you started and we’ll get the job done so thanks for watching guys as always if you have any questions leave them in the comments below we will do our best to answer them

V2.5 Gearbox Modification

The issue with installing in an SR25 gearbox (V2.5 gearbox) is the extra long cylinder head used in the gearbox. Due to this there is a longer tappet plate which interferes with the unit (SMP, Inferno, or HYDRA) sitting as far forward in the gearbox as is necessary. To solve this issue you will need to cut the plate down to allow the unit to sit forward. For detailed instructions, please see the V2.5 Gearbox Modification Guide.