Disassembling a gun with an installed Tank Grip

Disassembling an MTW or Article of Heresy with an installed Tank Grip requires disconnecting the airline from the STORM Category 5 regulator first.

First, disassemble the Tank Grip by removing the 8 screws with a 2mm hex key.

Once you can access the regulator, press and hold down on the push-to-connect fitting while pulling upwards on the airline. Then continue to separate the upper and lower receiver as normal.

When closing the receiver set, press and hold down on the push-to-connect fitting and insert the airline into the connector until it stops.

STORM Regulator Gauge Replacement

If your STORM Regulator gauge is stuck and/or the spring behind the needle (see photo) is visibly out of place, you will need to replace the gauge. You can get a replacement gauge here: https://www.wolverineairsoft.com/product/micro-gauge-for-storm-regulator/

Disassemble the regulator cap from the base by removing the retention screws. Tighten the pressure adjustment screw so that the internals can be freely removed from the cap. Refer to the specific Owner’s Manual for your regulator for detailed information.

Ensure the internal parts of the regulator are completely removed from the regulator cap before continuing.

Remove the damaged gauge from the regulator cap with a 22mm hex socket, turning counter-clockwise. A vice is recommended.

Clean the threads thoroughly inside the gauge port with acetone.

Wrap the threads of your new replacement gauge with PTFE (Teflon) thread tape.

Thread the new gauge into the regulator cap using a 22mm hex socket. Turn the gauge clockwise 2 to 3 times and then orient the gauge as desired. Connect your regulator to an air source and ensure there are no leaks.