Installation: V2 and V3 Gearboxes (Video)

Rich demonstrates how to install the REAPER Electromechanical in a V2 and V3 gearbox.

Video transcript: hey guys today I’m worth attack lubricant can we look at the brand-new Reaper the electromechanical version in particular is how to install it alright so the electro mechanical Reaper unlike traditional HPA systems that include a a wire harness and an MCU and all that all you need for the electromechanical is this very simple to wire wire harness that’s what’s included with your reverse cylinder for the electromechanical kit now one of the really nice things there’s a few things about the electromechanical design that we like reasons we went with the electromechanical instead of doing a pure mechanical or something like that now first reason is compatibility you can see I have two different gearboxes here I have a v2 gearbox and a v3 gearbox this is actually out of a brand because you’re utilizing the existing trigger contacts this system is compatible with a really really wide range of guns whether you use a traditional shuttle system or a microswitch trigger all sorts of different designs won’t work whether it’s a v3 trigger mechanism v2 mega trigger mechanism it all works you don’t have to worry about making it fit you know in in different gearbox types now it also maintains a hundred percent of the efficiency and performance of the full version with the FCU and now you don’t have full auto obviously but you don’t have take any hit on efficiency and a pure mechanical system use this air to pilot the system until you end up losing some air just piloting the valve the trigger response is also oftentimes not as consistent here you get the full consistency because it’s still being opened electronically so that’s why let’s get into the how this is really pretty straightforward you will need a a soldering iron and that’s about it other than that I’ll just all your normal tools for getting into the gearbox so let’s pull both these trigger boards out and look at how this is going to be set up you can see on both of these trigger boards there are two wires going in this is really just a switch on almost any aeg it works the same way this is just a simple on/off switch now that’s all we need for the electromechanical you have two wires going in just like on the g2 over here you have two wires going in and all we’re going to do is take the two wires two wire leads that come on the electromechanical wire harness and we’re going to just solder them in like that orientation doesn’t matter because you’re just closing the circuit the direction the electricity is flowing doesn’t matter we have two pads here on the v2 it was in wire in two and then you’ll just simply set it back in gearbox exactly how it was so let’s step over to the solder station and let’s go ahead and solder these in all right so we’re going to go ahead and do this here I’m going to do the v3 board first and we’re just going to desolder there we go these the leads come already pre tinned so we don’t need to tin them a little bit of flux is always a good idea though so we’re going to go ahead and take small pieces of heat shrink slide them over the leads we’ll be able to protect that once we get it soldered on we put a little bit of flux on the connections to make sure that we get a good solid solder joint oh there’s our three board all reduce hit that with a hairdryer or a heat gun if you happen to have one to tighten up your heat shrink now on the v2 board there’s also going to be two pads just you solder them first this pad is actually not very well soldered from the factory so I’m going to put a little extra tinting on it now we’re just going to again the wires are already pre tin so we’re just going to solder them in place and it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which pad there we go that’s your v2 electromechanical trigger installation now to actually install this wiring we’ll take a look at the v2 first just going to drop it in like you normally would and put in your standard screw for your to hold it in and reinstall your shuttle and this just plugs into your solenoid at that point you can run the wires out either back to the buffer tube into the grip whatever you prefer v3 it’s going to be much the same run our wires through going to plug our solenoid in so we can see where the wires need to sit tuck them up above here if we are going to be running the wires through the front then we would do it like that on the Brynn I believe we’re going to be able to run them out the back so we’re going to do that and the wires simply can sit here alright so this is what it looks like once you have the electromechanical installed into v3 you can see the wires come out up at the front here this is your battery wire and I do want to point out one thing when you’re heating up the heat shrink you want to as you heat it to bend it back in towards the gearbox on the stock with the stock switch the wires come out of the gearbox we need to come back into the gearbox to match up with the solenoid just plug this get it out of the way we’re going to run our wires through there what we’re going to do is just pop up the trigger mechanism back in place with the shuttle installed maybe a little snug but just kind of play with it figure out where it’s hanging up just pop in place I like that now we’re just going to take our retaining screw this is the stock screw that in if you didn’t do it when you put it together originally go ahead and put your spring on I was like to do that step separately I just find it easier than messing with the spring while you’re trying to get the trigger unit installed there we go now we can check that our wiring isn’t interfering with the movement of the trigger looks good alright guys so that’s the rundown of how you do the electromechanical installation like we mentioned it works in a really wide range of gun platforms so for instance 417 here has the electromechanical in it again just use a standard trigger switch really pretty straightforward to do great system send the automatic only for this setup and you can always upgrade to the other electronics later if you decide you want full auto thanks for watching if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below give us a follow give us a like give us a subscribe on YouTube and we will see you guys out on the field you