Trigger Pull Adjustment (Video)

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Instructions on adjusting the trigger can be found in the MTW Owner’s Manual. You can also refer to this video.

Video transcript: what’s going on guys so today we’re going to talk about mtw triggers i’m going to take a look at some of the difference between the standard billet and the forged and the mil-spec series all right so we’re going to start out with the standard original straight mtw trigger that is offered with our billet series and you see that it is a straight trigger so now we’re going to take a look at our trigger for our forged and mil-spec series you can see it is more like a traditional style trigger it is curved it is completely machined here in-house by invictus manufacturer on both these triggers you can see that they have a couple of screws in the top of the trigger what these screws are for is one is to lock the trigger into the place and receiver using this to tighten down on the trigger pin the set screw in the rear is to adjust your trigger pull to adjust your trigger you’re going to separate your receivers you should be able to look inside the receiver and see both your set screws again you’re looking for the one in the back if you’re trying to adjust the trigger pull okay to demonstrate that we’re going to destroy it with a trigger that’s outside of the gun just to make it easier you’re going to want a 1.5 allen key now if this trigger was in the gun you would want to go clockwise to shorten your trigger pull to lengthen your trigger pull the only thing you’re going to do is just simply back the screw back out counter clockwise be careful if you back it out too far the screw will come out and you will lose it inside the receiver