VSR Clone Compatibility (Video)

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Rich discusses compatibility of the BOLT with JG, TM, and WELL brand VSR clones. While they are all said to be VSR compatible, there are slight differences that are important to understand for installation purposes.

Video transcript: so as with everything in airsoft there are a million variations lots of different brands that all claim to be compatible or clones or something or other but they don’t always work out quite as smoothly as you would like bolt actions are no exception right now I’m just going to talk about specifically some of the vs are clones and not get into other platforms and such we’ll be providing more information on other platforms as it becomes available but right now I just want to show you three different brands have Tokyo Marui I have JG and I have well and these cylinders to the naked eye all look pretty much identical a little difference in the finish on the well versus the other tube but nothing major problem is none of these are the same if we are talking tokyo marui tokyo marui cylinder as you can see by being all scratched up and destroyed there the cylinder head is actually pinned to the cylinder in order to get the cylinder head off you have to drill that out it’s really not fun to do we strongly suggest that if you are getting the tokyo marui doing a tokyo marui you get our cylinder it is much much easier well worth the money in our opinion versus messing with trying to drill out the stock cylinder however we do offer abs are compatible cylinder head now what’s the difference between the VSR and the j the tokyo marui VSR and the jg bar cylinder head well other difference other than being pinned between jg and TM is the threads on the end they’re close but not the same you notice the vs our cylinder head does not interlock with the JG cylinder where’s the jg does okay sir slight difference in threads we do offer ATM compatible cylinder head but we really don’t recommend it it’s much much easier if you just get our cylinder the other difference between the jg and the TM is the depth of this cut here now this is something we discovered it’s really really subtle and we kind of discovered it a little later in the game we’re going to be updating the design of our cylinder in the future so that it works with both handles both the jg and the TM type handle but basically the TM spec this section here is just a tiny bit wider so if you try to put a JG handle on either a TM cylinder or on our cylinder at least the ones will be will be have starting out you’re gonna find that it doesn’t want the back cap here doesn’t want to slide on if you want to put the cylinder in your JG it’s really simple to just remove a little bit of material from that flat there you have to remove about ten thousandths worth of material off of that flat to get it to fit in there but we really recommend with the JG just getting the without cylinder anyway because there’s not really a need for it like we said it comes apart easily you can just use the stock cylinder but something to keep in mind if you’re going to be using our cylinder with the JG body and handle and back cap at least at the beginning until we get second batch of parts in you’re gonna need to remove just a tiny bit of material from that surface to get it to fit smoothly that’s JG and TM then we have well-well just doesn’t quite do things like anybody so well uses the JG speck threads so it worked with the bartend cylinder head however the internal diameter of the cylinder is just a little bit tight compared to the other specs you can see the unit will fit in there it will slide but it is tight now you can use it like that we haven’t tested a lot of the wells but as far as we know it would work like that however it’s going to be tight there going to be more resistance on the bolt Pole now you might say why don’t I just use the bolt with cylinder well now we run into the second problem the shaft on the well cylinder is just a tiny bit smaller than the shaft on the tokyo marui spec cylinders the diameter here so you could if you wanted to get an aftermarket handle and it was compatible with TM and at that point you probably could make it work that we haven’t tried it or you will need to either wore out your existing handle or something along those lines so well is not we are not saying is exactly compatible it could be made to work and I’m gonna give you an idea how we would go about doing that so if you have a well and there may be other brands like this don’t know this is from a well em bo3 or something along those lines we’re gonna see if we can make this work as far as we can tell it’s mainly the back bushing there the way the system is designed there’s a Delrin bushing on each end here the front cap is Delrin and there’s a sleeve at the back that is Delrin they are a slightly larger diameter than the danver diameter of the bolt itself they are what is rubbing on there and what’s kind of causing problems this is a undertake at your own risk the type of modification because we know people out there want to put them in everything we’re gonna show you how you might do it so first thing I’m going to do is just get some tape I’m going to tape around the body right below where the Delrin ends and what I’m gonna try to do is I’m going to take a little piece of 400 grit sandpaper and I’m gonna try to just remove a little bit of material from this Delrin bushing tape is just protecting the aluminum from getting the aluminum housing from getting scratched work it down a little bit the Delrin sands pretty easily alright so we got this sanded down took about 10 minutes of sanding removed the tape you can see it runs fairly freely now there’s your soul a little bit of drag but not too much for our purposes that’ll be okay in the future when we do this we will just put this in the lathe and turn it down a little bit on the bushing there but we’re trying to trying to give you guys a solution that anybody can do with basic tools if you want to so again that’s for the that’s for the well there may be other brands out there like that alright guys so that pretty much wraps it up as far as the installation tips for different brands for the world for 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