Wraith X Technical Overview (Video)

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Rich explains how the WRAITH X combines 12g CO2, 33g CO2 and high-pressure-air into one solution.

what’s up guys this is Rich with Wolverine Airsoft and today we are going to be doing a technical overview video for the new wraith X many of you are probably familiar with our existing wraith stock lines uh we’ve had The Wraith CO2 stock in 33 current configuration 12 gram configuration and wraith Arrow so there’s a couple other configurations mixed in there last year when we developed the CAT5 regulator we wanted to go back through the whole wraith series uh and update the product line to both make it use the latest regulator technology as well as to add a bunch of cool new features what we have on here for at the moment is set up for 12 Grand see right here it’s 12 gram cartridge now right off the bat you’re going to notice a few features check that out okay so that’s a magnetic magnetic cap so what it does is makes the cartridge change easier is when you pull the pull the cap out the old cartridge you’ll use with it you can fling it you can pull it off drop it in the pouch whatever you want now our old cap used a three lug design which is very fast uh to change however it did require getting the cartridge length set just right now we looked at this and we didn’t want to go with standard threads because they can be very slow you have to sit there and thread it a whole bunch of times so instead what we’ve gone with is what’s called multi-start threads so instead of a single coil of threads you have multiple threads that make this very fast to change without the need for a length setting it’s about one complete rotation to completely engage the cap and puncture the cartridge but here’s where we get to to the cool part because this is not just a 12 gram Reef stock if I just do this with my little included Allen key loosen this skirt back put my cartridge out now I can unthread this from the back and I can take 33 grams write it right in 33 gram 12 gram all one stock there’s no need for additional purchases you get everything you need one kit that you can run either one and it’s very easy to go back and forth pretty freaking cool but that wasn’t enough we didn’t stop there let’s see what happens if this screw at the front comes off now we’ll loosen that screw we can take the whole buffer tube assembly off unscrew our expansion chamber we’ll talk more about the expansion chamber in just a minute take a standard HPA tank and now we can just thread it right in the back of the regulator then we have the new wraith X tank stock these will be a little while till they come out but they slide right over standard 13 cubic inch tank and then use the wheel at the back to clamp onto the bottle and now you’re set to run HPA One stock three different air options so let’s talk about just a couple more updates that we’ve made to The Wraith X first is this right here this is your expansion chamber the expansion chamber is critical to the performance of using CO2 with a regulator because it helps the liquid CO2 convert to a gas so that you get consistent performance of your regulator and don’t damage something in your regulator with The Wraith X we’ve been able to double the size of the expansion chamber which is going to give you improved shot shot consistency and just overall stability of the system throughout the cartridge in addition as we said we have the CAT5 regulator on here now this is a CAT5 regulator exactly like the on tank version the only difference is the cap now this is the mtw version of the uh The Wraith x stock so the uh the threads on the top of the regulator screw directly into the receiver like the buffer tube would but we also have this option for AEG and here we’re going to take a look at just real quickly some of the improvements we made to the AEG configuration those of you that are familiar with our existing right stock we’ll see that everything from here back looks pretty similar to what we’ve had before and the attachment is very similar we’ll go over that in detail in a later installation video uh but one of the key improvements we made is a thumb screw here to attach your airline to the regulator this gives a more reliable uh less leak prone fitting between the regulator on the right stock and the engine that you’re running so this has been the technical overview video for the new wraith x stock this is a product we are really really excited about as we showed it lets you run 12 gram 33 gram or an HPA tank All in One stock system we look forward to getting this into players hands and getting your feedback on it we love it we think it’s a great addition to the lineup unless you have everything all in one system thanks for watching guys