REAPER Gen 2 for AEG


The REAPER utilizes our proprietary BOLT technology and adapts it for AEG replicas. The GEN 2 improves on the original design with easier tuning, more consistent feeding, and improved performance, especially with a sub-par regulator.

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  • Consistent seating force regardless of operating pressure
  • Air-saver can be tuned with simple spring change, eliminating the need for separate nozzles and cages
  • Backwards compatible with Gen 1 cylinder, cage, and solenoid
  • Spring-loaded nozzle means that the BB is seated exactly the same every time, regardless of inconsistent regulator refresh rate
  • Integrated Filtered Line


  • Pressure: 80-140psi (For best performance use with Storm Regulator!)
  • Output Energy: 1.0-2.5J Adjustable
  • ROF: 5-35 RPS
  • Electronics: Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft Electronics + Electro Mechanical wire harness
  • Battery: 6-9V JST
  • Approx. shot count with Wraith CO2 Stock: 180-210 shots per 12g cartridge
  • Approx. shot count with Wraith AERO Stock: 900-1300 shots per 13ci HPA tank


REAPER Owner’s Manual

Solenoid Maintenance Guide

V2.5 Gearbox Modification

Technical Videos

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Weight 0.43125 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 1.5 in

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