~Spartan Electronics Control Board Black Edition for MTW/Article I (Semi-Only)


Replacement control board for the MTW Billet Series, the Spartan Electronics board is a trigger board and FCU all-in-one. The key advantage of the Spartan Electronics board is it’s simple and robust design and lower price point. Settings are primarily manipulated with use of the trigger.



3 Available Fire Mode Presets
• Semi / Full Auto (Default in US)
• Semi / 3-Round Burst
• Semi / 2-Round Burst
• Semi / Semi (Default in UK)
• 2-Round Burst / Full Auto
*Boards sold in Germany are locked in Semi / Semi mode.

8 Quick / Easy ROF Presets
Select a preset from 10RPS to 33RPS by holding down the trigger as it fires three-round bursts until desired ROF is reached.

12 Quick/Easy Dwell Presets
Set dwell by holding down trigger as it fires once per second until drop in FPS is noticed, then double-tap to step back up one preset.

IMPORTANT! If you are replacing the control board for an MTW manufactured before Oct 1, 2021 (green board), you will need to modify your selector switch to work with the board’s optical select-fire sensor.


Shipping Details

Weight 0.05625 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 1.25 in

Standard MTW, Heretic Labs