The Wolverine Airsoft HYDRA Gen 2 utilizes our proprietary hybrid open/closed bolt technology from the INFERNO Gen 2. It functions and performs like our INFERNO Gen 2, but with offset nozzles. The HYDRA was the first out-of-the-box drop-in HPA engine for guns with offset nozzles. Convert guns like the M14, P90, Tavor, and more into an HPA monster with the HYDRA Gen 2. We have also added a front bushing plate for improved nozzle stability. Now your unique guns can shoot with the accuracy and consistency as our INFERNO Gen 2 in M4 and other common style platforms. HPA is on the rise and Wolverine Airsoft is truly propelling the market forward. If you are ready to make the jump, hop on board with us, because we are leading the way.