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As Real As It Gets.
For the competitive speedsoft player.
Harness the power of the STORM Category 5!
Unmatched performance, reliability, and flexibility.
Great Performance Without The Line.
Stay Hidden, Stay on Target, Save Air.
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At Wolverine Airsoft, our mission is to leverage disruptive technology to create superior value and performance to our customers in the airsoft industry and beyond.

To this end, over the past five years we have developed a full line of pneumatic high pressure air (HPA) systems for the airsoft industry. Wolverine Airsoft innovations have set a new standard for performance, price, and reliability in the airsoft and specifically the HPA airsoft market. In all of our interactions, Wolverine Airsoft is committed simply to treating others the way we would like to be treated. That means providing superior service before, during and after the sale, and developing strong working relationships with our suppliers, retailers, and other partners in the airsoft industry.

Looking for Speedsoft? Born out of the controversial skunkworks program at Wolverine Airsoft, Heretic Labs delivers unrivaled products for the competitive speedsoft player who demands the ultimate blend of aggressive style and out-of-the-box, high-speed performance.

The engines that started the HPA revolution.

Our Product Lines

Designed and built from the ground up as the ultimate HPA Airsoft gun. The most durable airsoft gun on earth.
Incredible “Hybrid” performance paired with remarkably robust operation.
HYDRA implements INFERNO’s independent nozzle and poppet design for offset nozzle guns.
The REAPER utilizes our proprietary BOLT technology and adapts it for AEG replicas.
HPA conversion kit for Bolt Action sniper rifles. Stay hidden, stay on target, and save air!
Small size, big performance. Our on-tank regs set a new standard for airsoft regulator performance.
Our WRAITH lineup gives you the great performance of HPA without the line. 
Improved Feeding, Increased Durability, Superior Full Auto Performance
Our in-house manufacturing company creates great looking rails, the PHOENIX Hop and more…

Heretic Labs delivers unrivaled products for the competitive speedsoft player.