The INFERNO GEN 2 set a new landmark for the performance of drop in HPA systems in terms of shot consistency, ease of use, efficiency, and easy tuning. Building on that success the HYDRA GEN 2  implements the same independent nozzle and poppet design to dramatically improve performance with offset nozzle guns, just like the INFERNO GEN 2 did for centerline guns.

Whether it’s a P90, PDR, M14, F2000, or many others you’ve been looking for, the GEN2 HYDRA has  you covered!


  • Only hybrid open/closed bolt system for offset nozzles
  • Precision air metering
    •  Controls nozzle movement for precise BB placement in hop up
  • Front Bushing Plate
    • Improved nozzle stability
  • Compatible with most offset nozzle gearboxes

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  • Pressure: 60-140 PSI adjustable (Use with STORM Regulator for best performance!)
  • ROF: 5-35RPS (Please not some guns and configurations will not be able to achieve the full ROF potential due to limitations in the feeding mechanism.)
  • Dwell: Fully adjustable
  • Electronics: Compatible with all Wolverine Airsoft electronics
  • Battery Input: 6-8V

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Ares Tavor, Famas, G&G M14, G&G F2000, P90, PDR, RS SVD, Thompson, TM M14, Type 97


HYDRA Owner’s Manual (1/19/2022)

HYDRA Cybergun Famas Installation Tips

HYDRA RS-SVD Installation Tips

Solenoid Cleaning Guide

Technical Videos

More videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/Wolverineairsoft/search?query=hydra