Bluetooth FCU Owner’s Manual

Page 2
Note: The Bluetooth FCU was discontinued
on Jan 1, 2022 and the app is no longer updated. Please verify hardware compatibility
before purchase.
Please note that the chip utilized in the Wolverine
Airsoft Bluetooth FCU will not be compatible with
newer Android phones. As a result, we recommend using phones that run on Android 4.3 - 10,
as they are more likely to be compatible.
Install the app, available at www.wolverineairsoft.
com/downloads. Connect a 7.4V LIPO battery
with JST style connector. (Use of other power
sources is not approved and will void the warrant.)
Launch the app. Navigate to the “Scan for Devices” page of the app by swiping left or right. Your
Bluetooth FCU should show up with the name
“Wolverine”. Tap on the device to connect. The
connection status bar at the top of the screen
should indicate that the FCU is now connected by
changing to “Wolverine is now Available” and turning Green.
Note: Bluetooth FCU will time out and turn off
Bluetooth if no commands are sent by the app
for a period of time. If device does not show up
try unplugging the battery and plugging it back in
to re-activate the Bluetooth on the board. The
Bluetooth can also be reactivated by setting the
gun in semi or burst and holding down the trigger for 10 seconds. This will reset the Bluetooth
Page 3
Set Passkey
In order to ensure your FCU is secure, the app
will automatically generate a random passkey the
first time you connect to the FCU. However if you
wish to be able to connect from other phone, you
will need to set a passkey of your choosing by navigating to the “Server Settings” Page. A passkey
may be from 1 to 16 ASCII characters.
Change Device Name
To differentiate your FCU from other users of the
Bluetooth FCU, navigate to the Server Settings
page and enter a desired name up to 10 ASCII
characters. Tap “Set Device Name”.
Page 4
Core Performance
Navigate to the Core Performance page by swiping left or right in the app. You will see three level
bars labeled “Dwell”, “Burst Count” and “ROF”. The
Core Performance page displays the settings for
the select fire stat the gun is currently set to. By
switching select fire states on the gun each state
can be programmed independently.
Set Dwell
Dwell is the length of time the valve is opened for
when the trigger is pulled. The value is measured
in microseconds and can be adjusted by dragging
the indicator up or down. Value is adjustable from
3500 to 12000. Most set ups use a value between 3500 and 6500.
Set Burst
Burst Count is the number of shots fired in a
burst when the trigger is pulled. Value is adjustable from 1 to Full Auto.
ROF is measured in RPS and is adjustable by dragging the slider from 1 to 55.
When programming is complete, tap the “Lockdown” button on the main screen to turn off the
Bluetooth on the FCU. This will prevent other users from connecting to your FCU at all, and it will
also put the FCU into a low power mode.
Page 5
Manual Selector State Display
To display all selector state settings simultaneously navigate to the App Settings page and
toggle on the “Use Manual Selector Performance
Controls” button.
1. Set dwell to 6500-7500
2. Adjust pressure on regulator to achieve desired velocity
3. Reduce dwell in small increments testing the
velocity on the chronograph after each shot until
a small drop in velocity is observed. This is your
point of maximum efficiency.
4. Drag slider to adjust burst to desired setting.
Repeat for each select fire state by switching the
selector switch on the gun.
5. Drag slider to adjust ROF. Repeat for each
select fire state by switching the selector switch
on the gun.
Page 6
Tournament Lock
Two independent tournament lock systems are
featured on the Bluetooth FCU. These locks can
operate by themselves or at the same time. The
Absolute Lock out is a simple time based lock
which offers 100% lockdown of all FCU setting --
once the lock is set, IT CANNOT BE UNLOCKED.
Be sure your settings are correct before you
tournament lock! Once set those settings will remain until the time on the clock has expired. Absolute lock is limited to a max of 3 hours. The
Code Lock system is an advanced tournament
lock which allows an event administrator to set a
passcode which can be used to unlock the FCU before the time is up. The Code Lock system has a
max time of 72 hours. Both locks are set relative
to the current time, assuming the FCU remains
powered continuously. The locks do not progress
while the FCU is powered off.
Absolute Lock
To set the absolute lock navigate to the tournament lock page. Use the number bars to select
the amount of time up to four hours. Press the
“Set Absolute Lock” button to set the lock. The
status bar at the top of the screen will indicate
the amount of time remaining in the lock. Additional time can be added to the lock by selecting the
desired amount of added time and pressing the
“Add Time” button again. The max total time for
the Absolute Lock is always 3 hours.
Page 7
Code Lock
The CodeLock system is an advanced tournament
lock system. It can be deactivated using an administrative numeric code. To prepare the code lock
for use, follow steps 1-3 on a Bluetooth device
possessing the owner’s passkey for the FCU.
1. Navigate to the Tournament Lock
2. Set the desired time for the lock in the numbers bar and tap “Set Code Lock Time”
3. Enter temporary numeric activation key and
tap “Set Code Lock Temp Key”
4. On any Bluetooth device (does not need to have
password access) connect to the Bluetooth FCU
and navigate to the Code Lock page.
5. Enter the Numeric Temp Key
6. Enter the desired numeric unlock code and tap
“Start Code Lock”. Please note that the numeric
code will disappear as soon as you have pressed
“Start Code Lock”, and there is no way to retrieve
it from the app.
7. To deactivate the lock before time expires enter the numeric unlock code and tap “Unlock Code
Page 8
Advanced Settings
Adjusted Full Auto Dwell
To save air on burst/auto, a parameter can be
set to reduce the dwell time when firing in burst or
auto. The system requires a lower dwell time for
follow up shots in a burst especially at higher ROF.
Adjust the parameter as high as possible without
reducing the performance on full auto.
Analog Mode
Adjustments to the dwell and ROF can be made
with the analog dials on the FCU. These will work
seamlessly with the Bluetooth. Turning the dial
on the FCU changes the setting in the Bluetooth.
During normal operation these serve as relative
fine tuning adjustments. Wherever the dial is set
when a value is set through Bluetooth becomes
the current value. Turning one direction or another makes fine adjustments to the value but does
not offer the full range of values. A pure analog
mode can be accessed by setting the dials all the
way clockwise and rebooting the FCU. The dials
will then act as absolute references the same as
the Bluetooth standard FCU until overridden by
sending a command from Bluetooth at which point
they will automatically revert back to being relative adjustments. Note that both pure and relative analog adjustments are completely disabled
for the duration of any tournament lock.
Page 9
Passkey Reset
Auto Set Passkey
Upon the Bluetooth app’s first connection to a
new Bluetooth FCU, the app will automatically set
a randomly-generated passkey on the FCU. This
is done in order to reduce the likelihood that users will accidentally connect to the wrong FCU and
modify its settings when other FCUs are present.
Therefore, when connecting with a new phone to
a previously-used Bluetooth FCU, you will need to
enter your stored passkey on the App Settings
page. (If you do not know your passkey because it
has been randomly-generated, please see the section above on setting your passkey.) Enter your
passkey and tap “Correct Stored Passkey”. This
will permanently save the passkey for your FCU
on that phone.
Reset Passkey
If you have forgotten your passkey or need to reset the passkey on your FCU perform the following steps to reset the passkey.
1. Unplug the battery
2. Hold down Trigger
3. With trigger held down plug battery in
4. Continue holding down trigger for 10 seconds
after battery is plugged in
5. See “setting passkey” on Page 3.
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Bluetooth FCU Forgotten Passkey

If you have forgotten your passkey or need to reset the passkey on your FCU, perform the following steps to reset the passkey.

  1. Unplug the battery
  2. Hold down Trigger
  3. With trigger held down, plug battery in and continue holding down the trigger for 10 seconds
  4. Navigating to the “Server Settings” page to set a new passkey. A passkey may be from 1 to 16 ASCII characters.

For more information, see the Owner’s Manual