Selector Switch Installation / Maintenance / Troubleshooting



If installing a new selector switch, please refer to this video for installation instructions. Please note this video is for electronics boards with a physical selector switch button. Please note the below instructions for boards using an optical sensor.

Optical Sensor

MTWs manufactured after October 1, 2021 are equipped with the black Spartan Electronics board with an optical select-fire sensor. This sensor works by detecting a dark or light surface on the selector barrel. Detecting a light surface will set the MTW to semi-auto and detecting a dark surface will set the MTW to full-auto.

A sticker or paint can be used to ensure that the two surfaces are detected correctly by the sensor.

Loose Selector Switch / Spring and Detent Replacement

Just like a real AR, the selector switch is held into each mode position by a spring and detent located in the lower receiver which will wear over time. The spring and detent can be replaced by removing the pistol grip.