FCU Options

When looking for electronics to power one of our airsoft engines in an AEG to HPA conversion, there are two main components: The trigger board and the FCU (Fire Control Unit). We offer two options: The Spartan Electronics board is a trigger board and FCU all-in-one design. While limited to only V2 gear boxes, the design enables the Spartan to take up less space and makes the system more cost effective and easier to set up. Our Gen 2 Premium FCU is a standalone FCU that connects to a separate trigger board. The Premium FCU allows for more options in fitment, tuning, and fire modes. Check out the information below to see which is right for your needs.

The Spartan Electronics board is a trigger board and FCU all-in-one. The key advantage of the Spartan Electronics board is it’s simple and robust design and lower price point. Settings are primarily manipulated with use of the trigger.

3 Available Fire Mode Presets
• Semi / Full Auto
• Semi / 3-Round Burst
• Semi / Semi
*Additional modes available in MTW version.

8 Quick / Easy ROF Presets
Select a preset from 10RPS to 33RPS by holding down the trigger as it fires three-round bursts until desired ROF is reached.

12 Quick/Easy Dwell Presets
Set dwell by holding down trigger as it fires once per second until drop in FPS is noticed, then double-tap to step back up one preset.

Available in the following options:
 INFERNO V2 Spartan Kit
• REAPER V2 Spartan Kit
• Individual
• MTW Version

The Gen 2 Premium FCU is a standalone FCU and requires a separate trigger board. The key advantage of the Premium FCU is a greater variety of available fire modes, more precise setting values for dwell and rate of fire, and an intuitive LED menu with tool-less button style programming.

Set any of 7 fire modes to for each selector position
• Full-auto
• 7-Round Burst
• 5-Round Burst
• 3-Round Burst
• 2-Round Burst
• Single Round
• DMR Mode (Semi-auto with 2 second
delay between shots)

Precise ROF Setting
Set rate of fire to any integer value from 1 to 63 RPS.

Precise Dwell Setting
Set dwell precisely from 3 to 20 milliseconds in increments of 0.25 milliseconds.

Additional Features
• Short detection
• Improved stiction and trigger-reading algorithms

Available in the following options:
 INFERNO Premium Kit
• HYDRA Premium Kit
• REAPER Premium Kit
• Individual
• MTW Upgrade Kit

For more detailed information, see the Owner’s Manuals!

Wolverine Airsoft 12 Month Limited Warranty

Your Wolverine Airsoft Product carries a 12-month limited warranty which covers all defects in manufacturing and material for the first 12 months from the date of purchase. Wolverine Airsoft will repair or replace any defective parts at their discretion.

This warranty is non-transferrable.

This warranty does not cover damage due to misuse/abuse of the system, improper installation, or operating the Wolverine Airsoft Product outside of the manufacturer’s specified operating range.

Not covered by this warranty are:

  • Battery
  • Normal component wear and tear
  • Acts of God
  • Component modifications not performed by Wolverine Airsoft

Warranty claims should be brought in writing to Wolverine Airsoft, LLC at tech@wolverineairsoft.com.  

It is the responsibility of the customer to ship the unit to Wolverine Airsoft at the customer’s expense for warranty repair/replacement. Return shipping to the customer will be provided by Wolverine Airsoft, LLC (WA) via United States Postal System (USPS) or other courier at WA’s discretion. Standard for warranty return shipments is generally 2-4 business days for domestic (USA) and up to 15 days for international shipments depending on your country’s customs agency.

International customers may be directed to ship their units to an authorized service center within their country or region instead of shipping to our facilities in the USA. 

International customers are responsible for paying any applicable shipping duties or fees to and from Wolverine Airsoft service centers.

Joule Creep

Joule Creep is a hotly debated topic in the airsoft community, particularly pertaining to HPA. Here is our explanation for what exactly is going on when Joule Creep takes place.

what’s up guys today on what’s attack we are talking about jewels versus FPS so when you’re talking jewels being airsoft got the energy of the BB and there’s two basic levels of misunderstanding the first is why the weight of the BB matters at all they’re all little BBS they’re all really light so what’s the difference why can’t we just measure the velocity we’re shooting at why does it matter if this velocity is 350 FPS why does it matter with the dead spree 50s we ask the point to s 4.3 or whatever else you’re shooting so this is a first level of misunderstanding we’re going to jump on this one first and then we’re going to get a jewel cream so the real problem here is that we’re talking about such small things when cutting up DBS they’re really really small they’re all the same shape same size and so and the weight difference isn’t enough that we can detect it very easily just holding it in our hand let’s scale this up and talk about something that we understand much more intuitively for instance oh I have two vulture they’re both same size roughly one is baseball the other is a plastic ball now I’m pretty sure that all of you if I gave you the option of being hit with this ball at 80 miles an hour or this ball at 80 miles an hour pick this one because we noticed a difference the light ball is not going to hurt as much the same way with an airsoft peak now the difficulty is can’t see the difference right but this difference is still there you can still measure the difference it makes a difference how much it hurts that’s really what we’re talking about the same size but they weigh different amount so if you throw them at the same speed the heavier one’s going to hurt more and do more damage that’s why this is the requirement that’s why we have velocity limits at a given BB weight now some of you might be saying but I don’t actually care about the weight it’s actually the warm ball is harder than the other and that B is a contributing factor but keep in mind that the real issue here is that there’s hopefully these are actually the same way 12 grand BB is going to be made out of a much softer plastic generally 28.4 grandbaby so there is a difference there but the main difference is still the weight and that’s the main thing that we have to worry about when we’re talking about how much damage the baby is going down all right so that’s the basic misunderstanding in terms of energy or joules versus velocity now let’s talk about jewel creep jewel creep is a little bit more complicated but it mostly is complicated because again we don’t think about it the right way now jewel Creek is a phenomenon that the same gun set up exactly the same way well actually shoot harder not in terms of the velocity but in terms of the energy you’re putting out or the joules you’re putting out if you put in heavier bb’s nothing else changes on the gun right the same squaring or the same air pressure same barrel hop-up all that kind of stuff but all you do is you swap babies and all of a sudden it’s hitting harder now this intuitively doesn’t seem right to us because we think it’s the same gun it hit harder just because we changed the weight of the beat it’s a little difficult to get a really good visual on that so instead of ball we’re going to talk about bags so to demonstrate this point we need to do some science thankfully we have a great volunteer here who is going to let me hit them with both bats and tell us which one hurts more so unfortunately we have to report that the test was a failure we selected an unqualified test subject and after the completion of the test they were unable to provide any data at all but good thing we found a new test subject so for the actual experiment we’re going to be hitting potatoes I will be swinging two bats one that is a light plastic bat one is the standard baseball bag and we’re going to see the dramatic difference that the weight of the bat has on the damage done to the potato keep in mind that the same person is swinging both bats essentially as hard as I can I don’t suddenly become stronger by picking up a heavier bat and yet it allows me to do much more damage to the same potato so what’s going on here obviously by using a heavier bat I can do a lot more damage I can build up a lot more energy with the heavier bat and the same thing is true with the airsoft gun even though the gun itself isn’t stronger the spring isn’t any stronger than air running is the same pressure by using a heavier projectile we improve the efficiency of the energy transfer it’s a fancy way of saying that we basically allow the gun to build up more energy by giving it a heavier projectile now how this happens in the airsoft gun in particular the amount of energy that we can build up in the BB is a function of how hard we’re pushing on it and how long we push for this is just the same as if you put a bunch of weights on a card and you start to try get to try to get the cart going as fast as you could and build up as much energy as you could the longer you push on the cart and the harder you push on the cart together are going to build up more energy in the cart it’s the same with the baby with a heavier baby it’s going to build more back pressure in other words it’s going to provide more resistance to the air trying to push it so the pressure is going to build up and provide a greater force on the BB also because it’s heavier is going to take longer to accelerate so the heavy BB will actually stay in the barrel longer meaning that the air can work on it for a longer period of time this is actually true whether you’re talking about a EGS or HPA system serve just about anything else now why is it more pronounced with an HPA system this is a little bit complicated but it has to do with the fact that the HPA system can generally provide a continuous flow of air so it can keep building up pressure as long as you want whereas the AEG is firing a fixed volume of air so it can only build up so much pressure behind the BB so essentially both systems do it but the HPA system jewel creeps more efficiently so if you’re a field owner a game organiser or anybody responsible for ensuring the safety of an event this means you need to do one of two things first you can chronograph each player with the pv so going to use this will allow the cartograph to give you good energy that they are actually going to be shooting on the field now this cue serious problems with this obviously the person could be lying about what wait BB they’re using we don’t really have a good way to measure that on the field or at the chrono station second they could change meetings afterwards again so much you can do about it so there’s a number of problems with that so your second option is what actually what we recommend how much effect you get from drill Frank is a function of how much change in BB weights you have so if you croto your players would point to grandbabies and they go out on the field with point 4s there can be a huge difference in the energy output of the system so what we recommend is chrono with heavier BBS you don’t have to use the heaviest point for four point four threes but if you crono everyone would say point three twos the effect of the Joule creep going four point three to point fours if they’re playing with them on the field is not going to be nearly as dramatic as if you chrono with point twos and then they’re actually shooting of course not all tires out there it’s your responsibility as the owner of the gun and the person pulling the trigger to ensure that you are playing safely and you’re not endangering the people you’re playing with that means that even if your field doesn’t require cronoing with heavyweight leading or and this requires growing point twos this is very common it’s your responsibility to understand your own gun and make sure that you’re shooting safely so if their limit is four hundred with point twos but you’re going to be shooting point fours then you need to check your gun ahead of time make sure that you chrono at appointment point twos so that you’re still at a safe jewel rating when you switch to point four if you need help with how to do that get in touch with us we can provide lots of information it makes the process very easy and I’m sure the field owner will not mind butter there coronagraphs for the game in order to make sure you’re playing safely and fairly thanks for watching guys I hope this video has shed a little light on this grand mystery of the dual crews if you like this video want more content like this be sure to give us a subscribe here on YouTube give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram for more good content around not only our products but everything having to do with airsoft

Tournament Locks

All Wolverine Airsoft systems can be controlled with a simple regulator tournament lock. There are many models of regulators on the market using different styles of tournament locks, but virtually all of them have an easy locking solution. If you have questions regarding safe tournament locking practices, please contact tech@wolverineairsoft.com and we will assist you. 

Chronograph Best Practices

Chronograph Best Practice

Much has been made of the “joule creep” issue. If you want a more thorough explanation of that phenomenon, please watch this fun video. When it comes to effective enforcement, the simplest solution is usually the best. We recommend having HPA players (or all players for that matter) chrono with field provided heavier weight BB that is close to what they will be using on the field. For this task .32’s are generally sufficient. This is a simple, inexpensive step that will increase the safety of everyone on the field. If you have questions on how to implement, or what FPS you should limit with the heavier BBs to match your field limit with .2’s, please contact tech@wolverineairsoft.com and we will be happy to assist you.


The introduction of high-performance HPA technology has changed the airsoft arena. With the advantage of easy tuning and changes to velocity comes challenges for field owners to effectively regulate safe velocities. Open communication between fields, retailers, and coordinators and the HPA manufacturers is critical to ensuring a safe, fun experience for everyone. Being fully aware of the concerns and challenges that HPA technology presents to field owners, we have designed our products to be as safe and easy to regulate as possible. We are constantly seeking the input of retailers and field owners to help us find solutions for those concerns.

To our users

As an HPA user, you must recognize that your system is capable of seriously injuring other players if not used responsibly. We ask that you treat the technology and other players with respect. While we have created the system to make it as difficult to abuse as possible, we recognize that it can still be done. We rely on YOU to show honor and respect to other players on the field and help keep the hobby alive and well!

To retailers and field owners

As with any system, HPA or AEG, there will always be players who will find a way around rules and regulations. But, we want to do everything we can to address your concerns and make it as difficult as possible to abuse, and as easy as possible for fields to enforce their limits on our system. Please contact us at any time to provide input. Help us create an HPA product with outstanding performance that you can feel comfortable allowing onto your field.


All of the nozzles sold with the Wolverine SMP vary in length to accommodate various platforms but are identical in diameter so that internal adjustments cannot be made. This allows field owners to visually inspect the external system and not worry about internal adjustments.